This is the continuation from Part 1 of this article regarding the Matrix prophecy. Here, the focus shifts more to The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Resurrections. The further the story develops, the more the deeper aspects of the Matrix are revealed. 

The Prophecy in The Matrix Reloaded

As discussed in Part 1, a key issue related to the Matrix prophecy is that of doubt.

We see doubt, in terms of “cautiousness,” from characters in the second and third Matrix movies:

Link: Morpheus said this is how it’s gonna happen. I don’t know. Maybe the prophecy is true, maybe it’s not.

Niobe: I can’t help it, Morpheus, I can’t help thinking – what if you’re wrong. What if all this – the prophecy, everything – is bullshit.

As mentioned, doubt can also lead to a slippery slope resulting in destructive action, as with Cypher. (See his profile here.

Doubt can come by way of “faulty understanding,” based on information that is distorted or lacking in some way.

No better example of this is the one found at the very end of The Matrix Reloaded where Neo expressed his view on the prophecy not being true and HOW he came to this conclusion:

Morpheus: I don’t understand it. Everything was done as it was supposed to be done. Once The One reaches the Source, the war should be over.
Neo: In 24 hours it will be.
Morpheus: What?
Neo: If we don’t do something in 24 hours, Zion will be destroyed.
Link: What?
Trinity: How do you know that?
Neo: I was told it would happen.
Morpheus: By whom?
Neo: It doesn’t matter. I believed him.
Morpheus: That’s impossible, the prophecy tells us…
Neo: It was a lie, Morpheus. The prophecy was a lie. The One was never meant to end anything. It was all another system of control.
Morpheus: I don’t believe that.
Neo: But you said it yourself – how can the prophecy be true if the war isn’t over? I’m sorry. I know it isn’t easy to hear, but I swear to you it’s the truth.

Neo’s view at this point in the story (and subsequently, much of that of the fan base for the past 18 years) was formed by reliance on faulty information from the Architect. This occurs despite the Oracle warning Neo about the Architect’s inability to see past his limited perspective. 

Remember, the second film is at the second ‘mixed’ level of the world of Yetzirah, and soul-level of Ruach, where we struggle to understand. Correct ‘understanding’ (Binah!) comes about at the 3rd level/movie, which relates to the Oracle, as has been discussed.

Morpheus’ Muddled Mindset

Digging deeper into the above exchange reveals the issues with Morpheus’ own views. This stems from a character flaw in Morpheus connected to the dominance of his ‘right side’ (expansive) attributes. His reliance on ‘belief’ (a product of the right side) knows no boundaries. His focus, as he stated early on is, “letting it all go,” and “freeing the mind.”

Though the right side is the critical ‘proactive’ force we need to move forward, we still function in a reality of ‘form,’ made up of structure, concepts and rules, which are aspects of the left.

To put it another way, Morpheus misses some of what the Oracle (who operates from the left side, as ‘mother’ of the Matrix) directed him toward.

As he himself once said;

“She is a guide … She can help you to find the path.”

A key point to all of this, including the positive aspect of doubt, is that each person has to figure things out.

Morpheus: Oracle.
Oracle: I know, Morpheus. I can see you’re filled with doubt, clouded by uncertainty.
Morpheus: After everything that’s happened, how can you expect me to believe you?
Oracle: I don’t. I expect just what I’ve always expected. For you to make up your own damn mind. 

The process of doing so is what affects a change of consciousness that will eventually free humanity from the Matrix. (See our four articles on Condition, Choice, Connection and Change.)

The path includes the difficult barriers along the way (i.e., Smith, the Merovingian) which exist within the plan to get them there.

Of course, Morpheus knows this:

 I didn’t say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth

What we find in Morpheus is a “mixed bag” of ideas – some essentially correct – that become intertwined with false ‘conclusions’ he has jumped to.

We see this in the discussion between Morpheus and Councilor Hamann in The Matrix Reloaded:

Morpheus: The truth. No one will panic. Because there is nothing to fear. That army will never reach the gates of Zion.
Councillor Hamann: What makes you so sure?
Morpheus: Consider what we have seen, Councillor. Consider that in the past 6 months we have freed more minds than in 6 years. This attack is an act of desperation. I believe very soon the prophecy will be fulfilled and this war will end.
Councillor Hamann: I hope you’re right, Captain.
Morpheus: I do not believe it to be a matter of hope, Councillor. It is simply a matter of time.

Breaking this down:

  1. It is ‘true’ that there is “nothing to fear”, as everything “happens as it should” (as Morpheus understands). In his mind, however, this meant the machine army would not “reach the gates of Zion,” which was not correct.
  2. It was true that more minds were freed in those six months AND that the attack was one of desperation (as we explain in an article in our Knowledge Base). Again though, a false conclusion is drawn, in that these events mandated the fulfillment of the prophecy and that nothing else was required. Morpheus equates the One reaching the Source as the “end” – when it is part of a sequence of events leading to the end.
  3. Morpheus is also partly right regarding ‘hope.’ There remained a real possibility that Neo might not succeed. As was mentioned in another conversation:

    Neo: What if I can’t? What happens if I fail?

    The Oracle: Then Zion will fall …

Even with Neo’s ‘success,’ there remains a required change on the part of many more humans before the prophecy is fulfilled – and even this is not guaranteed.

Morpheus was ‘correct’ in that it was a matter of ‘time,’ only it would take more time than he expected.

The lesson here (for the characters and the Matrix movie audience) is one we already know:

No one can see past the choices they don’t understand.

Other Aspects of the Matrix Prophecy

Returning to a statement made by Agent Smith in the first movie:

Once Zion is destroyed there is no need for me to be here, don’t you understand? 

Smith is under the impression that his own bondage, as an agent of the system, will end with the destruction of the Matrix. He is ‘technically’ right, but in HOW he is ‘right,’ he is wrong.

As with much else in The Matrix, there is more to this statement than the ‘obvious’ meaning. Smith’s words here, have a connection to the Matrix prophecy, only not as he expects. 

As we discuss through this website, the kabbalistic understanding of the Matrix is that it exists as the interface between humans and the Source. It is the means (via ‘choice’) for humanity to bring repair to itself, turning from the self-centeredness that got them into the Matrix in the first place, back to having selfless desires.

In kabbalah, the descent from an elevated spiritual level to a lower one is actually called ‘death.’ This is the understanding of the Bible’s Garden of Eden story, where the man and woman were told they would ‘die’ on the day that they ate of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad.” They were driven from their higher spiritual state (in the Garden) to a lower one – our present “world of concealment.”

This is behind these words of Morpheus, with regard to their Matrix existence:

Then tomorrow we may all be dead, but how would that be different from any other day?

Should the people reach this state where there is an elevation of collective consciousness, they will reconnect to the Source, and there will no longer be a need for the Matrix – or Smith – or anything associated with it. 

They will be ‘alive’ again, having ‘resurrected.’ Which sounds like a good name for a movie!

The Matrix Prophecy in Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions is the only one of the three Matrix movies that does not directly mention the prophecy. We can, however, see aspects of it and elements of what is to come.

At the end of The Matrix Reloaded, Neo made a conscious effort to turn and face the sentinels. This act of selflessness elevated him to a higher level of consciousness.

This is alluded to in the exchange between Trinity and a medic caring for Neo (and Bane):

Maggie: This is what keeps bothering me.
Trinity: What?
Maggie: His neural patterns don’t read like someone who’s in a coma. The strange thing is, I see these patterns all the time.
Trinity: Where?
Maggie: On someone jacked in.

Rama Kandra & Sati

Finally, a profound ‘clue’ is found in the conversation between Neo and Rama Kandra, regarding the fate of his daughter, Sati:

Neo: When is the train due?
Rama-Kandra: It’s already late. It’s not like the Trainman to be late.
Neo: You think it has something to do with me?
Rama-Kandra: I cannot say. Who knows such things? Only the Oracle.
Neo: You know the Oracle?
Rama-Kandra: Everyone knows the Oracle. I consulted with her before I met with the Frenchman. She promised she would look after Sati after we said goodbye.

If you miss the one line in bold above, you might think Rama Kandra and Kamala selfishly ‘betrayed’ the Oracle. As he states, however, he consulted with here prior to meeting the Merovingian.

This changes everything. The Oracle was part of the whole ‘scheme.’ 

Keep in mind what she said, to Neo in The Matrix Reloaded:

We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do. I’m interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know – the only way to get there is together.

We explain more extensively in our article on Sati and the Merovingian.

As we said at the beginning of Part 1, there are many aspects to the prophecy that are ‘hidden’ within various conversations and scenes in the Matrix trilogy.

Shortly after this dialogue, Neo receives a partial vision of the three lines going to the Source. What these lines between the Source and the Matrix means, is explained in our introductory article on the emanations between the Creator and our world.

Another interesting aspect of this discussion was Rama Kandra’s comment on ‘love’:

Rama-Kandra: No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies. I see that you are in love. Can you tell me what you would give to hold on to that connection?
Neo: Anything.
Rama-Kandra: Then perhaps the reason you’re here is not so different from the reason I’m here.

This is interesting as Rama Kandra seems to be severing his connection to Sati by sending her away. How do his actions enable him to “hold on?”

What we do know is that she will play a key role in the final part of the prophecy.

As the Oracle said (above) the ONE thing she is, interested in, is the FUTURE, the is the nature of what she represents as the emanation of Understanding (‘Binah’). 

The Prophecy in The Matrix Resurrections

Why the Matrix prophecy is fulfilled in more than one stage, and what needs to take place is one of the more amazing connections between the Matrix story and kabbalah.  The latter states that there are three major phases, each playing a key role.

The first is accomplished by an individual who is able to make the connection between our world below and the source of all existence. This creates a change in reality that is both necessary yet at the same time may be imperceptible to most. Things may appear to be the same, yet they are heading toward a definite conclusion.

This interim stage is one where humanity must awaken to a new level of consciousness/spiritual connectivity that will return it to its proper status – a  resurrection from the ‘death’ they are experiencing in this lower world of concealment, materialism, and self-centeredness, as mentioned earlier.

With assistance from beyond (enter Sati!) there will be not only a restoration, but an elevation to an even higher status than before humans placed themselves into this ‘slavery.’

For a more in-depth kabbalistic analysis of all this, begin with our article on the stages of the Matrix prophecy. We do recommend taking the time to go through the entire Knowledge Base as there are many related and important concepts discussed.

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