We let the déjà vu cat out of the bag!

UPDATE 12.5.23 Welcome to Matrix4Humans. This project is 20 plus years in the making. We are providing unique insights into the background and framework of the Matrix movies. The material presented in this project is unlike anything you’ve seen in all the years that The Matrix has been discussed online. It will be challenging but well worth it.

This project goes well beyond the Matrix films. Beginning 2024, we are taking this information and turning it around to reveal things about this world, to help people on a personal level. That is why we named this project “Matrix4Humans.” We recommend starting with the first article in our Knowledge Base. Also check the Resurrections section for 2022-23 articles. We don’t charge for our materials. This is about spiritually elevating all of us. Questions, comments and ideas are very welcome!

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Knowledge Base

This is the place to start the journey. The information is presented in a specific order that help provide context for the journey and as you go further the earlier information is fundamental to understanding and perspective to later articles and information.

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The purpose of the Matrix4Humans Facebook group is to explore the hidden and extensive spiritual concepts found in the Matrix movies. Members post questions and exchange their ideas. This is also the place for info on our annual Matrix Zoom Movie & Discussion Nights. (Each December)

Blogs. We have four of them.

We’re taking a unique approach, with blogs from the ‘perspectives’ of several characters. We encourage you to subscribe to any of them and ask questions.


The Source Blog


Baking Noodles with the Oracle


Morpheus Desert of the Real


Connections Matter with Rama Kandra

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