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In their short appearance at the beginning of The Matrix Revolutions, Rama Kandra and Kamala provide an example of how Netzach and Hod function together. These two sefirot are called the “wings of Yesod” as their ‘product’ is harmonized in the central emanation of Yesod.

As a ‘recycling operations’ manager, Rama Kandra is in a perpetual state (Netzach) providing for the Matrix. Kamala is an ‘interactive’ program, exhibiting the ‘reverberative’ aspect of Hod in ‘creating’ a response.  Their ‘jobs’ may seem trivial with regard to the Matrix story, but as we will show later, they relate directly to the coming fourth movie.

Together they “cut a deal” with the Merovingian who operates at Yesod in a defective, ego-driven manner. The Merovingian controls the ”train station,” which is the aspect of connection at Yesod.

By doing so, Rama Kandra and Kamala ensure that Sati will be able to permanently move from the Program world into the Matrix world. This too is significant toward what is to come.

This is not to say that what they did was a ‘bad’ thing. As Morpheus might say, “What happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.”

The Character of Connection

Rama Kandra’s explanation of love as ‘connection,’ is at a higher level of understanding.

From the conversation in the Train Station:

Rama-Kandra: “…The answer is simple. I love my daughter very much. I find her to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But where we are from, that is not enough. Every program that is created must have a purpose; if it does not, it is deleted. I went to the Frenchman to save my daughter. … You do not understand?”

Neo: “I just have never…”

Rama-Kandra: “Heard a program speak of love?”

Neo: “It’s a… human emotion.”

Rama-Kandra: “No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.”

Rama Kandra’s words reflect the varying types of connection between the characters and emanations they represent. The interaction between the sefirot they represent is an important concept to understand. This is especially true of Trinity and Neo throughout. (We expand on this in our post on gematria in the Matrix.) 

In addition to the ‘jobs’ held by Rama Kandra and Kamala, what is also easy to overlook is the idea of ‘why’ Sati moved from the Program world to the Matrix. She is doing more than ‘hiding.’ As we will see, Sati’s true purpose will be found in the Matrix. She has her own connection to make which involves the fulfillment of the prophecy.



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