The Four C’s: Condition. Choice, Connection, Change

Beginning with this article, we’re taking a 4-post detour to explain a cycle that Neo and others go through as they advance.

In our Introductory files, we discussed both the idea of Neo progressing through the dimensions of the soul (one level in each movie) as well the various attributes that are repaired along the way.

Mirroring this is a four-stage process that works the same for every human who is freed in the Matrix. We’ve nicknamed it the “Four C’s.”


The process follows these phases:

  1. Condition
  2. Choice
  3. Connection
  4. Change …

The sequence repeats as the ‘change’ experienced by the person, enables a whole new condition. This is the process of Neo’s advancement and climbing toward the ‘Source’ through each of the movies.

The ‘condition’ for each human freed from the Matrix is first set by the Oracle. As discussed in our earlier materials, she represents one of the three higher emanations – specifically Understanding/Binah. This is the one that is closest to, and in connection with, the humans.

The Oracle meets with everyone and tells them “exactly what they need to hear.” She thus sets each person on a path to realize their potential.

Once the person begins to become aware of their condition, they experience the opportunity of ‘choice.’ This is the battlezone of free will. (And where the Merovingian fails as he denies there is any ‘choice.’)

If a person is diligent in their struggle, they come to understand the condition they were given, make a wise choice and move forward. Of course a person might choose some other course of action. In all cases, their choice leads to some type of connection which then results in change.

We will examine the first stage, Condition, in this post, and the other three in subsequent ones.

Part 1: What Condition Are You In?

“We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do.” 

These words from the Oracle reflect a far deeper idea than their apparent simplicity. She implies that each person has a specific purpose that is in some manner, “assigned to them.”

A logical question to ask would be, “Who assigns this?” There’s more than one clue dropped throughout the three Matrix movies.

Morpheus hinted at this multiple times with Neo:

  • She is a guide, Neo. She can help you to find the path. 
  • What was said was for you, and for you alone.
  • She told you exactly what you needed to hear.

As Rama Kandra pointed out in Matrix Revolutions:

“Everyone knows the Oracle.” 

This tells us she has some sort of ‘influence’ on everything. We discuss the kabbalistic understanding of “knowing” (to share an intimate connection with) in our post on the Oracle’s “Temet Nosce” sign.

She’s Not Showing All Her Cards

What’s interesting about the various encounters the humans have with her, is that though she is said to be “a guide,” her guidance is quite specific to each person’s own attributes and purpose.

We see this at the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded, where Neo awaits his next ‘condition’ from her:

Neo: “I wish I knew what I’m supposed to do.”
Trinity: “She’s gonna call. Don’t worry.”

Kabbalistically, the condition for everyone is set “from above,” continually through our lives. Keep in mind, that the Oracle is the part of the upper triad (that includes the Architect and the Source) that is “in touch” with humanity.

This is the idea of limited free will and ‘choice’ within the path we are on.

The kabbalistic expression of this is:

Everything is foreseen, yet freedom of choice is given.

Or if you are more of the poetic type:

The score is handed to us, but the music comes from our own souls.


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