Update: This blog post is from 2020. The editors at Matrix4Humans have recently added some new articles on the subject of consciousness in their new Matrix Musings section. I highly recommend them. – RK

I recently received this most excellent question: 

At the end of the first movie, Neo says, “I can feel you now” to someone “out there.” At the end of the second movie, he says he can feel the sentinels. In the third, he feels the fields of humans as he flies over them. Usually, ‘feeling’ relates to emotion, but it seems to go beyond that here. What was Neo experiencing with each of these connections?

You may recall in one of my earlier blogs (1.2 Eternal Love) I spoke of dimensions of; physicality, emotion, and intellect. I discussed how there was more to our existence than only these worlds of experience.

The answer to the question sent to me, is found in a world beyond these. This is not to say that elements of the other dimensions do not matter. These all remain pertinent and related.

They are all very ‘personal.’ These are three levels of personal consciousness.

More of what Neo is here to do remains in the future, at a fourth level, which is one of collective consciousness. This is the essence of what will be the next part of the Matrix story. 

In each movie, this ability within him deepens.

For example, at the end of the first film, what he ‘feels’ relates to his connection, as the One, to “what is out there” beyond the concealed Matrix world.

By the end of The Matrix Reloaded, he has made achieved mastery over the intermediate world of the programs, including those that control the sentinels, which he says he can feel.

Finally, in The Matrix Revolutions, his connection extends over the flesh and blood humans lying within the pods, which he senses as he passes over them.

Three movies. Three types of connection. Three levels of advancement of personal consciousness within Neo.

It sounds like something my friend Morpheus would speak of.

And a fourth to come.

Always with love,
Rama Kandra

Rama Kandra speaks of eternal love


Rama Kandra seeks to bring balance into his discussions. He possesses great understanding of its importance in finding one’s path and advancing upon it. When he’s not busy working at the power plant, he likes dropping hints about the fourth Matrix movie.

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