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This is the M4H Team blog. Here you will find announcements, updates, insights and more.
We answer questions about the M4H Project, kabbalah and life. We also like cats and dogs.

In addition to that of our M4H Team, we offer three unique Character Blogs. Each one goes deep into aspects of the Matrix and answers questions from their personal perspective. Morpheus inspires creative right-brained thinking. The Oracle guides us along the structure of the Matrix worlds. Rama Kandra explores the depths of ‘connection.’ Questions submitted to their respective blog posts will be replied to by that character, from their point of view.


Desert of the Real with Morpheus

What is real? Much more than meets the eye with the Matrix trilogy. Allow me to unleash the power of your imagination. Trust me, you’ve barely peeked in the rabbit hole.


Baking Noodles with the Oracle

Make the choice to get involved and I will be your guide. There is a way to get to the source of understanding of The Matrix. You will feel right as rain after you find it.


Connections Matter with Rama Kandra

My calm demeanor only serves to hide some things I have e been trusted with. I hold many valuable insights regarding the path of the one and the next connection it leads to.

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