Matrix Musings is a collection of short articles on Matrix-related themes. The material will include things from insights on topics that have been discussed since the first movie came out, to ideas that haven’t been brought up before but are pertinent to The Matrix Resurrections, or the Matrix trilogy. (The ‘New For 2022″ section below.)

The Matrix Resurrections may not have had great box office success,but regarding kabbalistic themes ‘hidden’ in the story, this movie is another ’10.’ If you are not familiar with these concepts, we recommend first perusing our Knowledge Base where we introduce them as they present themselves in the Matrix films.

New For 2022: The Matrix Resurrections Series! (Best read in date order.)

  1. Matrix Resurrections: Syllabus and Highlighter (1.6.22)

  2. Matrix Resurrections: Bugs in the Matrix (1.10.22)

  3. Matrix Resurrections: From Binary to Unified (1.13.22)

  4. Matrix Resurrections: From Oracle to Analyst (1.14.22)

  5. Matrix Resurrections: Love is the Genesis of Everything (2.16.22)

  6. Matrix Resurrections: Unification of Feminine and Masculine (3.16.22)

  7. Matrix Resurrections: The Power of Agent Smith (3.18.22)

  8. Matrix Resurrections: Smith: Harbinger of Truth? (4.16.22)

  9. Matrix Resurrections: Bugs, the Oracle and Leah (4.27.22)

Matrix Musings from 2021

Matrix Resurrections: Analyzing the Matrix Prophecy – Part 2 (11.8.21)

The second part of our article, showing the Matrix prophecy to be alive and well. We discuss where the errors emerge from regarding the incorrect assumption that it was a lie and simply another form of control.

Matrix Resurrections: Analyzing the Matrix Prophecy – Part 1 (11.2.21)

One of the most confusing aspects of the Matrix story is that of the Matrix prophecy. For the past 18 years, fans have entertained the idea that it was not what Morpheus believed it to be. We’re going to squash that rumor.

The White Rabbit, Logic and Proportion (10.23.21)

Among the many interesting facets to the Matrix Resurrections trailer is the featured song, “White Rabbit,” by the Jefferson Airplane from 1967. It is truly an outstanding choice with regard to its hints at a hidden reality.

Consciousness Barriers in the Matrix (10.22.21)

The subject of ‘consciousness’ has come up of late in discussions on the Matrix. The story can be seen as an allegory for “an increase in consciousness” or “spiritual advancement” and the things that act as barriers to such.

Priyanka Chopra, Consciousness and the Matrix (10.16.21)

Warner Bros released a short promotional video for The Matrix Resurrections, called The Matrix Legacy, at the beginning of October. Actress Priyanka Chopra’s comments on consciousness stood out as most significant.

The Purpose of Exile in the Matrix – Part 2 (10.5.21)

This is the continuation of Part 1 below. (Be sure to start with that article!) Having revealed a bit more about what Neo had to do in the first stage of the Matrix prophecy’s fulfillment, we offer a few more ‘little’ surprises for everyone.

The Purpose of Exile in the Matrix – Part 1 (10.4.21)

The standard line of thinking is the Matrix is a “good guys versus bad guys” movie and that the Matrix is nothing more than slavery imposed by evil machines. That makes for good entertainment, but there is a much deeper level.

Is Morpheus an Agent in The Matrix Resurrections Trailer? (9.27.21)

People are talking about an image of the ‘new’ Morpheus from The Matrix Resurrections trailer. He’s got a black suit on (with matching tie and clip) and those aren’t his cool clip-on-the-nose lenses either. What’s going on here?

Neo and the Five Steps on the Path of the One (9.20.21)

Everyone has heard of the Path of the One. We provide a quick look at the 5 key steps and 5 ‘worlds’ that Neo encountered in his transition from sleeper to a savior. This is the “Cliff Notes” version of our Knowledge Base.

Return to the Source: Matrix Resurrections on 12.22.21 (9.12.21)

Among the many amazing connections that The Matrix makes, the date of the movie’s release along with the new tagline is near the top. Find out why this sequence of 1’s and 2’s relates to the storyline and our own existence!

The Matrix Resurrections: Sati is Key to the Prophecy (9.5.21)

Since we began teaching courses on the background to The Matrix trilogy, almost 20 years ago, Sati has been a critical topic for what she represents in the deeper understanding of where the story is going.

The Matrix Resurrections: The Expected Title (8.28.21)

There was great speculation as to what the title would be once the fourth movie was announced. Based on the first three titles and the storyline, there was no reason to think it could be anything but The Matrix Resurrections.

Hindu Themes in the Matrix: Shakti, Sati and Shekinah (8.21.21)

There are many interesting parallels between the Hindu faith and concepts found in kabbalah. The Matrix finds a way to bring these two together in a very surprising way – one that has led up to The Matrix Resurrections.


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