Warner Bros released a short promotional video for The Matrix Resurrections, The Matrix Legacy, at the beginning of October. It features a number of returning and new actors who commented on different aspects of the past films. The topics ranged from the historic special effects to the impact the film had on people.

Of the views expressed, one regarding ‘consciousness,’ spoken by actress Priyanka Chopra, stood out as most significant.

At the 3:16 mark of the video Priyanka appears and says:

“It’s actually about consciousness. It’s actually about thought.”

“Bingo!” as the Oracle might say.

Consciousness and the Soul

The idea of consciousness is very related to that of the soul, in kabbalistic works. A true “increase in consciousness” is equivalent to “getting closer to God.” This is understood as being the “path of soul.”

As we discuss in our Knowledge Base, Neo’s journey along the “path of the One,” bringing him to “the Source,” parallels the path of the soul.

In our main article on this subject, we show that the soul is considered to have multiple dimensions or levels to it – five in all. We further outline how each of the Matrix movies corresponds to one of these soul dimensions – Neo ‘attaining’ these in ascending order.

The third level, corresponding to the third film, The Matrix Revolutions, may be considered the culmination of personal consciousness for Neo.

He came to this understanding and shared – something others were not able to relate to:

Neo: I know what I have to do.
Morpheus: What?
Neo: There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. I have to take one of the ships.
Roland: What?
Morpheus: To go where?
Neo: To the machine city.
Roland: *laughs*
Neo: I know it’s difficult to understand…
Roland: No, it’s not – you’re out of your goddamn mind.

The famous ‘path of the One,’ was primarily concerned with the actions of the One, particularly the sixth version. This path was not only what Neo ‘walked’ but also what he ‘created,’ for what was to ensue one day.

This path concluded with Neo’s battle with Smith and the ensuing descent of light/energy from the Source. What that transmission of light into the Matrix did, we were not shown the depth of, at that time.

(This is not the only ‘hidden’ aspect waiting to be developed in the story. The role of a grown-up Sati played by Priyanka Chopra, along with the Merovingian as the major adversarial force, will be major revelations!)

Neo’s actions marked the end of the first, important phase, of the redemption of the humans and the end of the Matrix. He “did what he was here to do.” There remains an interim period before the complete fulfillment of the famous prophecy.

A Fourth Movie, Fourth Soul Level & Collective Consciousness

As we will see in The Matrix Resurrections, the Function of the One goes beyond the path of the One. This corresponds to the fourth level of the soul, one attainable after a person dies, when the soul is no longer restricted by the body. Thus, the ‘need’ for Neo to give up his life, in The Matrix Revolutions.

This fourth dimension, as we showed in our background article relates to the idea of collective consciousness. This is consciousness from humanity’s collective background and not only a person’s life.

As we mention in our Knowledge Base articles, for the final fulfillment of the Matrix prophecy to occur, there must be an “arousal from below” on the part of those still in the Matrix.

As it stands now, the situation for most of humanity, being trapped in the Matrix, is equivalent to death itself:

Morpheus expressed this in The Matrix Reloaded:

Then tomorrow we may all be dead, but how would that be different from any other day? 

For the people to escape this death-like state requires a shift in consciousness that results in the ‘resurrection’ of their original purpose and pure intentions. Only then will they be truly free to ”live’ as humans again.

The fourth movie, The Matrix Resurrections, reflects the fourth soul level, which is called ‘Chaya,’ meaning ‘life.’

This is from our previous article on the levels of the soul:

CHAYA (LIFE): This fourth dimension of the soul has to do with a change in “consciousness” – one beyond creation, including a spiritual relationship and responsibility to others. (i.e., collective soul/consciousness)

As we learned from the Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, this is an important aspect of “the One” (even though he himself was unaware of the extent of Neo’s uniqueness as the 6th version):

Your five predecessors were, by design, based on a similar predication – a contingent affirmation that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species, facilitating the function of the One. While the others experienced this in a very general way, your experience is far more specific – vis a vis love.

In fact, it is the aspect of ‘love’ which ultimately will bring freedom and the end of the Matrix. Before that moment, however, there will be something that sparks the “arousal from below” enlivening the collective consciousness.

There will also be things, internal and external acting as barriers to this happening.

Our bet is that ‘something’ will no longer be small, but “ten feet tall.” Go ask Alice … or Priyanka.

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