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Elevation of the feminine? What does this mean? Be sure to read the previous article in order to better understand the concepts mentioned in this one.

As we have shown, there are three stages of the Matrix prophecy:

  1. An initial action by Neo with the Source, making a new connection between the two 
  2. An interim period that began with the above – a time related to “collective consciousness”
  3. The final redemption of humanity – the fulfillment of the prophecy, beginning with The Matrix Resurrections

The following kabbalistic text provides an amazing outline of the Matrix prophecy (that we explain just below it):

“…The concealment was only removed in the inner sanctum, the place of the Neshama … but not from without – the bodies of the physical people. The opening was momentary, it did not last forever. However it did what it was supposed to and then the gateway closed once again, until the final, eternal redemption … when this first union is complete, there will be none other like it until the stage of zechirah occurs.”
Secrets of the Redemption, Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707-1746)

Here’s the breakdown of the above, using simpler terms:

  • There was a first action that was ‘concealed’ in the “inner sanctum” (the Source, that Neo got to)
  • It did not relate to the ‘physical people’ which correlates to those trapped in the Matrix
  • The reference to the ‘Neshama’ is the 3rd level of the soul that Neo attained in the 3rd movie
  • It created a temporary opening with purpose – as Neo did via Smith at the end of The Matrix Revolutions
  • There will be a similar but greater one at the final stage (‘zechirah’) and it will involve the people themselves

Neo’s actions thus far have led to the first stage of the redemption of humanity, called ‘pekidah’ in kabbalistic literature. Although he made a critical connection (as described above), his actions did not bring the destruction of the Matrix and freedom to all of the humans. 

The unification of Yesod and Malchut  — This is one of the principal missions of Mashiach ben Yosef: to unify heaven and earth.
Kol Hator, Chapter 2, Aspect #56

This has led us into the interim stage (called ‘ma’avar’). This is a peculiar time of transition, where elements of the old remain, yet aspects of what is to come become revealed. Time and space (along with “logic and proportion” as the White Rabbit song goes) take on different dimensions. 

As the Secrets of the Redemption text above states, this stage is a temporary one. The Oracle confirmed this:

Architect: Just how long do you think this peace is going to last?
Oracle: As long as it can.

To get to the final stage, and destruction of the Matrix itself, will a change in the perspective of much of humanity. This is what is called the “arousal from below.” (Aramaic: itaruta d’ltata.)

“There is no itaruta d’layla, no Awakening from Above, until there is first an itaruta d’ltata; for the itaruta d’layla requires a yearning from below.”
Zohar 1:86b

“The Shechinah descends within this world: to seek out those most precious sparks, to rescue them from their shells of darkness, to reconnect them to their source above so that they become once again meaningful and divine—all through us, Her agents, so that this world and this life of ours plays out as not just another zero-sum game, but as an investment with incomparable returns … G‑d did not create a broken world for Himself to fix – the job is left for us to do. Every spark is precious and must be raised out of the kelipot. And each one must be elevated through our using free choice to do good. Until we finish our awakening from below, the sparks cannot be fixed, and Mashiach, as it were, cannot come.”
Exile of the Shechinah and Descent of the Soul, 

Kabbalah also refers to this arousal from below as the Elevation of the Feminine Waters.

As with any time of transformation, there will be conflicting intellectual and emotional battles within each individual, and between people. We will likely see this in The Matrix Resurrections.

This was also alluded to at the end of The Matrix Revolutions:

Architect: You’ve played a very dangerous game.
Oracle: Change always is.

Review: Masculine Dimension of the Six

Before addressing details of this final stage, let’s revisit the major concepts concerning Neo being the 6th version of ‘the One’:

  • As the 6th “One,” Neo directly engaged with the Source, while in his human body, outside of the Matrix world. Recall when Neo met the Architect, he was in his Matrix form. He declined to go through the door to the Source while in that state — something the previous 5 versions of “the One” had accepted. What Neo had to do would be at a “more completed” state than those before him.
    • As the Architect stated: Your five predecessors were, by design, based on a similar predication – a contingent affirmation that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species, facilitating the function of the One. While the others experienced this in a very general way, your experience is far more specific – vis a vis love.
  • This idea of the ‘6th’ has two components to it:
    • The time-related concept of 6 stages. (He is the 6th ‘One’ in the 6th version of the Matrix.)
    • The rectification of the 6 emanations that make up the ‘masculine’ (pro-active) persona of the divine ‘son’ or ‘groom.’ The rectified 6 emanations constitute the “Path of the One” (What is also known as “Jacob’s ladder”).
  • Neo, through his selflessness and struggles, has come to ‘know himself.’ As we mentioned in our article on the “Temet Nosce” sign in the Oracle’s apartment, to ‘know’ in kabbalah means to “make an intimate connection.” Neo did more than walk the “Path of the One.’ He established a path between the lower feminine emanation (Malkhut/the Matrix world) and the upper feminine one of Binah (the world of the Oracle). What Neo did was create a unity between the two feminine elements. (See diagram below.)

The Matrix: Resurrections sefirotic tree

Neo’s accomplishment of bringing the upper and lower feminine together was the important first step for what would next be required.

Recall what the Oracle said to Neo at the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded:

Oracle: “We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do. I’m interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know – the only way to get there is together.”  

As usual, there’s more hidden within the words of the Oracle than seen at first glance. This is especially true of the word ‘together.’ As we’re finding out, she meant more than just Neo and herself.

The Feminine Aspect of the Matrix

As discussed in our Introductory articles on the Worlds of Existence and the ten emanations, as well as the profile on Trinity, the concept of the “lower feminine” has multiple, related aspects to it:

  1. The emanation of Malkhut/Kingdom, the “world of concealment” — which is the Matrix world. (Bottom/red in diagram.)
  2. A persona of the divine presence within the Matrix (the ‘bride’). One aspect of this is Trinity’s role as Neo’s partner. Another to come in The Matrix Resurrections will be that of the ‘daughter.’
  3. Humanity

Over the first three movies, Neo and Trinity fulfill the roles of the “groom and bride.” Their accomplishments paved the way for Neo’s ultimate actions, but there still needs to be a great awakening among the human population for the complete change in their reality to occur. This relates to the concept of collective consciousness mentioned throughout these articles. 

Looking back at the quote from, Secrets of the Redemption above, what Neo did at the level of the “inner sanctum,” (the Source), the people must themselves emulate, on a collective scale.

There are difficulties with this process, however, as there are always barriers, both internal and external to humans, to overcome. 

Elevation of the Feminine

As discussed in earlier articles, the emanation of Malkhut in its natural state is considered “feminine/passive.’ Everything from beyond ‘descends’ into it. (i.e., input from the Source, Architect, Oracle, and programs go ‘into’ the Matrix.)

In order for Malkhut to function ‘proactively,’ it has to act in the manner of the ‘masculine’ attributes above. We see how this occurs within certain individuals – those who have escaped the Matrix.

That “spark of return” is strong enough in some humans, but even they need assistance:

Kid: I know, but you got me out! You saved me! (referencing the masculine aspect)
Neo: You saved yourself. (referencing the feminine aspect acting as the masculine aspect)

Both Neo and Kid’s statements are true – they depend on each other.

The question is, How can this come about on a ‘collective’ scale, that is required for the complete redemption of humanity?

Part of the answer involves what occurred toward the end of The Matrix Revolutions. where the light from the Source passed through Neo. That light permeated and impacted the entire Matrix, not only ‘resetting’ it, but becoming more accessible to everyone in it.

This light is called the “hidden light” in kabbalah (“ohr haganuz”). It is a powerful force, preceding creation, that was made “virtually inaccessible” to humans as direct access would annihilate them.

It is said, “Where the hidden light goes, evil cannot remain.” We see this play out at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, as Smith (and all his ‘copies’) vanish in the presence of this light.

So why not just take out the whole Matrix system? The answer is one of the deepest concepts of the story.

The Matrix is necessary for humanity. It presents humans with the element of choice. It is the means for the people to bring repair to themselves and find their way back to their ‘true selves,’ before they became self-centered, arrogant, and materialistic. 

Neo had reached such a high level of self-nullification that he ‘merited’ access to this light, in order to save everyone from the unmitigated judgment that Smith had brought. This is an important part of the function of “the One” in the first stage of the redemption/prophecy.

Since Neo reached the Source and brought its light into the Matrix, what was before possible on a small scale, now has the potential to happen ‘globally.’ The ‘connecting’ light from the Source enables the ‘passive’ feminine emanation to connect to the active masculine one, and take on its ‘proactive’ essence.

Though this light/energy may now be more ‘available’ to humans, connecting to it is another matter. Will the people remain, “… inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system,” as Morpheus said to Neo, or will they be drawn together to something beyond the beautiful lie that the Matrix offers?

And what help might they receive?

Manifestations of the Feminine in The Matrix: Resurrections

Looking forward, there are three returning female characters who are poised to impact the “arousal from below.” This ‘feminine’ action (that must take place within Malkhut, the world of ‘action’) will in turn cause an “arousal from above” (Aramaic: arusa d’lamayla).

Women will be instrumental in very different ways in getting humanity to turn from self-centeredness, which will “draw down” the ‘masculine’ component ‘above,’ creating the great and final unification, bringing freedom to everyone, even the program world.


The theme of unification of the “divine bride and groom” (Trinity and Neo) takes place at each level of existence and in each corresponding movie. As the ‘bride’ Trinity is the “other half” of the completed messianic figure. When he ‘elevates’ her from her separation (as Malkhut), she takes on a ‘masculine,’ proactive dimension, as mentioned above. The next movie will be at the level of the world of Atzilut, which is the original composite unity of things. As Trinity represents the Shekinah/Bride, she will eventually be elevated to the “messianic level” of Neo at some point.


As we discussed in her Character Profile, Niobe has a strong association with the aspect of Yesod, which is the confluence of the attributes of Netzach and Hod. These two attributes are strongly manifested in Morpheus and Lock respectively.  They happen to be the two men she had relationships with. Yesod is the concept of ‘synergy.’ This is what makes her the consummate leader. Niobe is fully human and remains alive in her body outside of the Matrix.  She (at Yesod) is a vital connection for the integration of the human world and the rest of existence (programs & machines), which will be a theme going forward. 


As mentioned in Rama Kandra’s blog (Connections Matter 1.3), a “grown-up” Sati character will be returning. What is significant with Sati (and missed through 20 years of Matrix discussions) is that there had to have been a reason for her to come from her world into the Matrix. Yes, we were told it was because her ‘parents, Rama Kandra and Kamala, wanted to ‘save her’ from some fate. As with everything in this story, there is more (kabbalistically) beneath the surface. Sati is unique in that she represents both the confluence of the right and left sides (i.e., her father and mother) as well as above and below, coming from the (masculine) program world into the (feminine) Matrix world. She also reflects the concept of “eternal love” as was exemplified through her father, Rama Kandra. This aspect is in direct opposition to that of self-centeredness, which the returning Merovingian represents. 

These three women (along with possibly new female characters) will act as parts of the redemptive process.

The Matrix Resurrections will begin a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness of the people. This will eventually cause the end of the Matrix, freedom for humans, and the creation of a new reality for all. (We discuss this in a later article.)

“We—collective humanity—must rethink and reimagine our world and our personal lives along spiritual lines.” … “On the collective level, human passion, rightly directed, can change the world.”
Tamar Frankiel, “The Gift of Kabbalah: Discovering the Secrets of Heaven, Renewing Your Life on Earth”

UPDATE:  Did we ever get this one right! Check out our article, Unification of Feminine and Masculine, and all of our 2022 articles under the Resurrections tab.


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