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If you missed the intro page, CLICK HERE to read it first, as it has some good information. Before getting into the character profiles and ideas from the Matrix movies, we’re presenting some key concepts in the form of ‘templates.’ Kabbalah is very structured and logical, and diagrams are an effective way to convey ideas. 

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The Two Main Templates

How’s this for simple?

There are two templates that provide the framework for everything there is to know about existence. 

We’re applying them to The Matrix as follows:

  1. The Structure: There are five levels or ‘worlds’ of existence. These correspond to ‘levels’ in the Matrix story, that Neo experiences.
  2. What’s inside the structure: There are ten ’emanations’ that exist within and ‘animate’ these worlds. These relate to the Matrix characters and how they function.

In this section, we deal with the five worlds of existence. As we will show, these relate in a specific way to the Matrix, especially the “Path of the One.”

Following that path, from the “bottom-up” these levels are:

  1. The Matrix world
  2. The Program world
  3. The world of the Oracle
  4. The world of the Architect
  5. The world of the Source

(In our “Matrix 4” articles in the Knowledge Base, we will introduce how the films also follow a kabbalistic timeline that relates to our own world.)

The Structure of Creation and the Matrix

Kabbalistic concepts are found through every religion, philosophy, science, the arts, etc. The Bible is a primary text of its expression, so we will first look at a few important ideas from there.

Relating to the structure of the Matrix, our first template is embedded in the first wordss of its opening sentence:

“In the beginning, God created …”  (from Genesis 1:1)

Seems pretty straightforward, does it not? You have a Creator and a ‘creation.’ Kabbalah takes this further, showing that there are other aspects to both.

We will begin with ‘creation.’

The Matrix is Our ‘Physical’ World

There are three levels/worlds within what is known as ‘creation.’ Beginning “at the bottom,” we have the ‘physical’ world we all live in. This includes all we experience with our senses, as well as everything revealed at the end of a telescope or a microscope. It also includes the dimensions of time and space. 

The other worlds within creation (and beyond) are generally hidden from us. Thus, our world is called the “World of Concealment.”  This is what the Matrix world corresponds to throughout the three movies. This is the first correlation to understand.

As Morpheus says to Neo,

“It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes.”

There’s More Than Meets the Eye

The next world is an “in-between” one that functions to connect our physical existence to the upper realms. This middle world is what is often called the ‘angelic’ world.

The word for angel in the Hebrew text, malach, means ‘messenger.’ They are the go-between entities that convey information between below and above, and also initiate action, down to the smallest degree. 

This ‘middle’ world relates to the programs which keep the Matrix functioning properly. The Oracle explains this to Neo in the park bench scene in The Matrix Reloaded. (More on all of this in another article.)

Finally, we have the ‘uppermost’ world within creation which is a purely spiritual existence. This is what people call ‘heaven’ or “the heavenly realm” in different traditions. (Remember, this is not the universe, planets, etc. All of that is part of the lowest ‘physical’ realm discussed above.)

This is also called the world of what are called ‘forces’ or ‘powers’ in kabbalah.

This higher world corresponds to that of the Oracle, with which the ‘freed’ humans make contact. She is the ‘connection’ between “below and above,” as we discuss later.

Up and Down We Go

The Matrix and Jacob's ladder dream

The above framework is found in the account of a dream the Biblical character Jacob had. (This is found in Genesis chapter 28) In it, he saw himself in the lower, earthly world, with angels going up and down a ladder that connected to the spiritual heavens. He also saw some “image of God” above this. (We get to that shortly.)

This idea of a “connection” between “below and above,” (between the Matrix world and the Source), is fundamental to the entire “Path of the One” and is discussed throughout the Knowledge Base.

To recap, the entirety of ‘creation’ is considered to be made up of three ‘worlds’ as follows:

  1. The ‘physical’ world we see around us (the Matrix)
  2. The in-between world of messengers/angels (the programs)
  3. The upper ‘heavenly’ world (the Oracle)

These three worlds “within creation,” are very different than those above in terms of the latter being more unified/singular.

Before continuing, have a peek at the diagram below, before continuing. Here we show the five worlds, as the relate to the Matrix. from the top-down.

These worlds have descriptive terms. Presenting them from the top-down as in the chart:

  • Atzmut: Divine Essence
  • Atzilut: Emanation
  • Beriah: Creation
  • Yetzirah: Formation
  • Asiyah: Making

(These worlds, in order, are actually depicted in the very beginning of Matrix Revolutions, as we show in our Knowledge Base!)

Returning to the Genesis verse.

“In the beginning, God created …” (from Genesis 1:1)

The last word, ‘created,’ marks the start of the three worlds of creation we just mentioned.  Prior to that point, all that ‘existed’ was what we can conceive of as ‘God’ in terms of the ‘Creator.’ 

Those first few words of the Genesis verse represent the fourth world. This is called the world of ‘Existence,’ which is ‘beyond’ or ‘before’ the three worlds of Creation. This fourth world (‘from the bottom’) relates to the “Image of God” that Jacob saw “above heaven” in his dream.

Note the term and idea of ‘image’ (found in Genesis 1:27). This is not ‘God’ in essence, however. It is the level at which people relate to ‘God.’ We assign attributes like ‘Father’ to God at this level. It is the idea of God as immanent or, “within Existence but outside of Creation itself.”

If you think of this as a ‘buffer’ you’re on the right path. In fact, this fourth world of Atzilut is also called ‘nearness.’ As mentioned, this world is very different than the three within Creation.

The essential distinction between emanation, and creation, formation & making, is that the reality of disparateness and multiplicity is in the worlds of creation, formation & making, as opposed to perfect unity in the world of emanation.
Song of the Soul, Yechiel Bar-Lev

In the Matrix story, this is the world of the Architect. He is beyond the Matrix and program worlds, as well as the world of the Oracle. He calls himself ‘father’ and the ‘creator,’ yet he himself was created. (We address this in his Character Profile.)

This brings us to our 5th and final destination – the ‘Source.’

The 5th World 

The fifth world is far more sublime, so much so that it is not usually called a ‘world’ within kabbalah. This is considered “pre-existence.” You can think of it as “reality before Genesis 1:1”.

This world relates to what is considered the transcendent aspect of God.

One way to reference it is a perfect ‘singularity.’ We cannot truly ‘describe’ it in any way as our own thoughts can only relate to things “within existence.” We do our best to carefully use terms that can give us some basic ideas.

This distinction between the immanent and transcendent aspects of God helps in understanding the Matrix properly. Whereas the Architect is ‘creator’ relating to all programs and the Matrix, this fifth world relates to “the Source.” This is the ‘Creator’ outside the existence of the Architect other programs and the Matrix, that we cannot relate to within existence.

Not even the Architect properly understands the Source.

A Little Bit About Tsimtsum

The path from pure singularity, through the worlds of existence/creation, down to our physical reality, is one of a series of ‘restrictions’ (or ‘constrictions’) of the original ‘light’ of the Creator. 

The term for such restriction is tsimtsum (also ‘tzimtzum’). It is one of the most critical concepts in kabbalah.

Putting it another way, tsimtsum is the mechanism that connects the ‘infinite God’ with finite existence, extending through all of its ‘descending’ worlds. 

As we will discuss later, the tsimtsum and ‘change’ from the level of singularity/pre-existence to existence, is the first and greatest tsimtsum. (As we are going from “no-thing-ness to some-thing.”)

Nothing else could ‘exist’ within the pure singularity. All subsequent changes “within existence,” are like ripples in a pond, after the rock was thrown into the water. Hold that thought for now as this impacts how we view reality – as well as the essence of the Matrix story. (It’s what is behind the systemic anomaly the Architect mentions!)

The process of constriction/tsimtsum also applies to our path ‘back’ to the Creator. Every spiritual advancement a person attains is preceded by some sort of tsimtsum. False views of reality must be ‘restricted’ in order to allow room for the truth. This is behind Neo’s advancement on the “path of the One.”

The Construct of the Matrix Reality

Here’s a summary of our first template as related to the chart above. It shows how the five worlds correlate to the Matrix and what Neo’s main ‘connection’ is at each level:

  • 1st World (at top) is the Machine World and the Source, which is outside any direct connection to the humans or programs. In the storyline, the Source relates to the ultimate and unseen original creative force. This relates to the idea of, “What was before Genesis 1:1?” It produced the Architect.
  • 2nd World is the world of the Architect, who functions as the ‘creator’ of the Matrix and program worlds, and who himself was created from the Source. He explains more about the Oracle.
  • 3rd World is that of the Oracle, who ‘followed’ the Architect, and who has a direct connection to those in the Matrix who have been ‘freed.’ She explains more about the programs and Morpheus.
  • 4th World is the world of the programs. This is associated with Morpheus. He explains the “rules of the Matrix” to Neo. 
  • 5th World is The Matrix, the World of Concealment. Trinity is Neo’s first contact here, “from beyond.”

Another Template of Five

This first template gives us a view of the basic construct of the Matrix movies as they relate to kabbalistic teachings. It sets the stage for what follows.

Before moving to the second “template of ten,” we’re going to take a look at another application of the current one. This next one is called the five dimensions or levels of the soul. It relates very closely to the five worlds of existence we just discussed.

It is also specific to understanding Neo’s advancement through the movies on the “Path of the One” and where all of this is going in Matrix 4.

NOTE: There are arrow buttons on the sides of the page (appearing in MOST browsers) to move through the Knowledge Base. Articles are in an order designed to be helpful, beginning with a few Introductory ones on critical main concepts. 


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