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The team at Matrix4Humans has been presenting information on the kabbalistic background to the Matrix films since 2004.  Over the past two years, we have been posting this on the Matrix4Humans.com site. We now have over 100 articles and blog entries. We continue this project with these new articles on The Matrix Resurrections.

Our materials are always free and available for everyone.

Please note the links to our past articles in our Knowledge Base throughout this new series. Click on any of them for a deeper view of the topics they relate to.

As you will see, The Matrix Resurrections is following the expected kabbalistic path for this story of human redemption, as discussed in our past materials.

Resurrections Syllabus and Highlighter

There’s a scene in The Matrix Resurrections, where a group of people is contemplating what the Matrix video game and its future are all about. The ideas they express resemble the more typical views of the Matrix films, as we discussed in our first article from January 1, 2020.

This line is especially significant to what we are doing here:

 And, frankly, I’ve got zero tolerance for anything that requires a syllabus and a highlighter.

As with many things in these Matrix movies, there’s a hint of something ‘beyond.’ Embedded in that comment is that there IS much to study regarding the films, that lies “beneath the surface.”

That being said, these latest articles are your ‘syllabus’ for The Matrix Resurrections. The highlighter is up to you.

Resurrections Structure in This Syllabus

It’s time to think ‘conceptually.’ As we discussed in greater detail in our Introductory articles on the Worlds of Existence and Levels of the Soul, the Matrix movies follow established ‘templates’ in kabbalah.

The most fundamental one is that of what is called the “Worlds of Existence.” Simply stated, this is how everything went from an ‘unknowable Creator’ (what is called the ‘transcendent’) all the way down to the everyday reality of our “physical existence.”

There are five ‘levels’ to this. Comparing the structure of the Matrix and these kabbalistic worlds:

  1. The Source = the unknowable transcendent aspect of the Creator. “Pre-existence.”
  2. The World of the Architect = the ‘knowable’ immanent aspect of the Creator and beginning of ‘existence.’
  3. The World of the Oracle = the beginning of, and highest level within, actual ‘creation.’
  4. The Program world = the intermediate world of creation – that of ‘angels’ who oversee and help run things
  5. The Matrix world = the lowest world of creation – our everyday “physical existence”

Matrix worlds

The level of the Architect is the world that comes “out of” the unknowable/transcendent realm beyond it. He is called the ‘creator’ – but only of what ‘exists’ in the whole Matrix reality of humans and programs (including himself and the Oracle.).

The world of the architect is also on its own called the world of Existence, as nothing ‘existed’ before it. With this reality of “things existing,” came aspects such as ‘otherness,’ ‘opposites,’ and ‘binary.’

At this stage, the ‘creation’ still resides within the “singular mind” of the Architect at his level of ‘existence.’ His is a state of composite unity. Everything is ‘in existence,’ but without separate form and function.

This concept is a key point in understanding The Matrix Resurrections.

What then emanates from the level of the Architect is called ‘Creation.’ These are the three next worlds starting with that of the Oracle, then the controlling programs, and ending up as the Matrix world. This is why he is called the “creator of the Matrix.” (The Source is the transcendent aspect of Creator in our analogy.)

These stages — from the “single point” of composite unity that emerged from ‘nothingness’, to the creation of separate identities, followed by a ‘descent,’ and finally taking physical shape — were ‘hidden’ at the very beginning of The Matrix Reloaded. We show the clip with the explanation in our article on the Door of Light.

There is a scientific connection to this as it relates to the “Big Bang Theory.”  The universe began as a single point, of which the origin is a mystery. (The top two levels in our structure.) Then came the “big bang” (our 3rd level) followed by expansion & cooling (4th level) and then the formation of ‘matter’ (5th level).


The other key template, based on the above one, is that of our way back to where we ‘originated’ from. In kabbalah, this is what is called the “five levels of the soul.” (Or “soul consciousness.”) As you can see in the chart, these five soul levels align with the five levels we have discussed – we’re just heading in the opposite ‘direction.’

Advancing along these soul levels correlates to what is called the “return to the Source,” or “the Path of the One,” in the Matrix movies.

The Matrix movies follow this path – one movie per level. Thus, The Matrix Resurrections brings us to the “fourth level” from the bottom. This is the soul-level called Chaya, (hi-yah) which means ‘life.’ (Quite fitting for the ‘resurrections’ theme.)

Chaya is called the collective source of all souls. It thus relates to the concept of Collective Consciousness which is beyond that of Personal Consciousness — that reached by Neo by the end of The Matrix Revolutions.

The first hint of this different reality was revealed quite subtly by Bugs in her first conversation with Morpheus:

But the moment he looked at me, I felt something… unlock my mind.

This may seem like a casual line, but it carries great kabbalistic weight:

“Indeed even looking at a tzaddik (righteous person) has tremendous positive effects and is of great spiritual significance … sick people would be cured just by looking at Abraham.”
“Chassidic Dimensions – Vol. 3,” Jacob Immanuel Schochet

A simple glance from Neo is all it took. We’re at a whole other level of connectivity now.

Chaya is also called the level of the absolute truth of things. We are no longer trying to find understanding within the three lower worlds of Creation. We are now at the fourth level “above” creation.

Just as the concept of ‘binary’ began at this level in the flow of creation “downward,’ so too does the path ‘back’ go through the corresponding soul level. As we advance through this world/soul level, we are reverting away from the binary form of existence, toward the original, unified state – that of the Source.

This is where we are at in the Matrix story.

Lastly, to get to the good stuff always takes work. Each Matrix movie has presented progressively deeper kabbalistic concepts. What we are sharing over this series are examples of this composite unity and the “how and why” we have arrived at this level in the Matrix films.

We hope you enjoy this information and remember what the ‘new’ Smith said … “We’re still telling the same stories we’ve always told, just with different names, different faces.”

Time to fly …

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