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The ‘secret’ to the Matrix story of redemption is that ultimately, everything serves to get the humans “back to the Source.” In THAT sense, there is no ‘difference’ between programs like Smith, the Merovingian, the Analyst, the Oracle, Rana Kandra and Sati.

As we posted in our Introductory article in the Knowledge Base, the spiritual emanations that the characters represent in the movies are ‘neutral’ in essence. How they manifest seems ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to us due to our ‘limited’ perspective.

When Neo (and others) encounter programs that act as ‘barriers’ (i.e.,  Smith, Merovingian & Analyst) they only serve to advance him along the Path of the One. (See our post on Consciousness Barriers.) The ‘friction’ encountered is what sparks the change required to move forward into a deeper level of consciousness/the soul. (Recall Seraph’s words on having to ‘fight’ someone in order to ‘know’ (intimately connect with) them.” 

Matrix worlds

Back to the Trilogy

As we showed in our article on the Worlds of Existence, the highest of the three lowest levels that make up ‘Creation’ is that associated with the Oracle. From this level, freed humans were able to interact with her regarding what their purpose was in dealing with the Matrix and program/machine worlds.

All of the Oracle’s advice, as she said to Neo in Reloaded, is directed toward what she cares about — ‘the future.’ (As she also said, “Everything that has a beginning, has an end.”) This implies that there is a specific purpose to the direction she gives each person for their own path.

Note: In kabbalah, Binah/Understanding (the Oracle) relates to the future and Chokhmah/Wisdom (the Architect/Analyst) relates to the past. The Analyst’s mastery over both these aspects of ‘time’ in The Matrix Resurrections is another indication of the confluence of the two at his level of ‘Atzilut.’

As the concepts of ‘purpose’ and ‘path’ are ‘specific’ options, they relate to the idea of boundaries. This aspect of setting boundaries in the Matrix is a function of the emanation of “Binah/Understanding” (the head of the “left side of restriction”) which is represented by the Oracle in the Matrix story.

The Oracle appears in each of the first three movies, which relate to the three worlds WITHIN Creation and the three lower levels of the soul in the trilogy (see chart above), as we show in the Knowledge Base and discussed in the first article in this series.

Trust Me, You’re Not Ready For Him

With Matrix Resurrections, we enter the ‘unified’ fourth world of existence (from the bottom-up) called Atzilut, meaning ‘nearness’ (to the Source, see chart above). This is existence outside of, or before, Creation. In Atzilut, aspects of differentiation dissolve – as does the distinct role of the Oracle. The aspects of restriction and boundaries relate only to the three lower worlds of Creation.

We saw that the Oracle does not appear as a separate entity in The Matrix Resurrections. This does not mean that what she represents is missing, however. We will get to that.

This fourth leg of Neo’s journey is the one associated with the ‘creator’ of the Matrix and program worlds. It is only toward the end of The Matrix Resurrections that the character of the Analyst discloses the Architect was his predecessor.

Returning to the original Architect’s discussion with Neo in Matrix Reloaded, we find the former attributed the ability to connect to and manage the humans, to the Oracle:

Thus the answer was stumbled upon by another – an intuitive program initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche… As I was saying, she stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level.

In The Matrix Resurrections, the Analyst describes his relationship with the humans in ways that not only contrast to his Architect predecessor, but are similar to the Oracle and her close connection to how humans think and feel:

“Now, my predecessor loved precision. His Matrix was all fussy facts and equations. He hated the human mind. So he never bothered to realize that you don’t give a shit about facts. It’s all about fiction. The only world that matters is the one in here. And you people believe the craziest shit. Why? What validates and makes your fictions real? Feelings. … You ever wonder why you have nightmares? Why your own brain tortures you? It’s actually us, maximizing your output… Here’s the thing about feelings. They’re so much easier to control than facts. Turns out, in my Matrix, the worse we treat you, the more we manipulate you, the more energy you produce. … And, the best part, zero resistance. People stay in their pods, happier than pigs in shit. The key to it all? You. And her. Quietly yearning for what you don’t have, while dreading losing what you do. For 99.9% of your race, that is the definition of reality. Desire and fear, baby. Just give the people what they want, right?”

The last few sentences are a fascinating commentary on our own world. Many people are certain that they are ‘awake’ to reality, but without an understanding of the spiritual worlds (outside of our own ‘Matrix’) and advancement along our own “path of the soul.” Our endeavors circle around ourselves (our ego or yetzer hara/evil inclination) and we are not closer to the truth, though we may think so.

Kabbalistically, such spiritual stagnation is equivalent to being dead.

Morpheus made this comparison in The Matrix Reloaded:

Then tomorrow we may all be dead, but how would that be different from any other day? 

NOTE: The Analyst’s words draw a connection to the allure of the figure of the Serpent (the Merovingian, in our story):

What is the Nachash? The Torah describes him as ‘Arum’ (Genesis 3:1). Literally, the word Arum means ‘sly’, in the sense of manipulative and sneaky. But what does the Nachash symbolize for us? … the Nachash is fantasy and false imagination. The snake had an over-active imagination and was trapped in a world of fantasy. … Our own overactive imagination and fantasy, our inner snake, clouds and distorts our accurate vision of reality. This ego-based faculty ends up feeding us only what our ego wants, or, in a distorted way, what our ego is afraid of. Our fantasy either paints us as all-powerful and important or as utterly worthless and destitute. If your ego is focussing on money, for example, it may create imagery of you becoming a billionaire, or of you losing your job and living on the street. This is the danger of the ‘snake’; it pulls a person out of a perception of reality and inflates his ego with exaggerated grandiosity or crippling fear.
“Falling, Getting Up, Snake & Moshiach,” Dovber Pinson

Thus, the ‘purging’ of the Oracle is another example of how “things are not as they appear to be in the Matrix. It was an ‘absorption’ of what she represented, into the “composite unity” of the level of the Analyst. 

Even the name of this character, the ‘analyst,’ reflects this. ‘Analyzing’ is a function the Oracle/mother – the attribute of Understanding/Binah.

The Analyst confirmed his composite unity with the Oracle/Binah at the end of the film:

Because I know the system. I know human beings. And I know you.

This may seem tragic from a movie-goer’s perspective, however for the deeper story the Matrix is really conveying, it is just as what Morpheus conveyed in a prior film:

“What happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.”

In summation, the Matrix movies are unique in their kabbalistic framework – which includes a timeline and sequence of events that bring redemption to humanity. To reiterate, everything, even what may appear ‘bad’ from our limited perspective, is really for the ‘good.’

Return to the “Not-So-Opposite” World

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, in the Matrix “pre-story,” the ‘desire’ of humans had become one of self-centeredness. This ended up with them being placed into the Matrix, separated from and oblivious to, the worlds beyond that of the Matrix.

This parallels the kabbalistic concept of humanity in our current world – largely oblivious to and separated from the spiritual worlds we were once connected to.

In our Knowledge Base article, Everything That Has a Beginning Has an End, we pointed out that within the human population in the Matrix story we find many opposing views:

  • There are those who have been freed, while others remain enslaved.
  • Among the freed, some believe in the prophecy and “the One,” while others do not.
  • While some are seeking to free the rest, as Morpheus said, there are many who will fight to preserve the very system that they don’t realize is enslaving them.
  • And of course, there are many views and conflicts within the population – and within each person.

The path to resolving these is one of connecting this lower (Matrix) world to the highest level of pure singularity where such opposites are completely nullified. This is the goal and meaning of “return to the Source.” (We break this down further in our article, Irreconcilable Differences.)

The Matrix world of ‘otherness’ and ‘opposites’ moves toward the singularity of the Source in The Matrix Resurrections. At this fourth level (of Atzilut), that of the Architect/Analyst, things that used to be seen as opposites, are now coming together. We are moving away from what the Matrix story calls a ‘binary’ view of reality.

Thus, we see the ‘consolidation’ between the “father and mother” of the Matrix as this article presented.

Where is Neo in all of this? As we mentioned in our November 2020 Knowledge Base article, The One as the Messiah:

The messiah will thus be a unifier of opposites. He will bring about the unification of the spiritual realms and our physical world.
“Moshiach and His Effect on the World,” Yitzi Hurwitz

(We offer a unique look into what Neo unified in our article on gematria in the Matrix.)

The analyst ended with one peculiar statement:

“You think you hold all the cards, because you can do whatever you want in this world. … But here’s the thing. The sheeple aren’t going anywhere. They like my world.”

The Architect may indeed be the most powerful force within the World of Existence. But there is something that is above this.

The original Source that preceded existence.

(Update 1.15.22 – We will have more extensive articles on the levels of the Analyst and the Source.)

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