A Mystery Agent from The Matrix Resurrections Trailer

The image above is getting some traction on social media. Here is the ‘new’ Morpheus from The Matrix Resurrections trailer, and he’s got a black suit on – with matching tie and clip, no less! And those aren’t his cool clip-on-the-nose lenses either. What’s going on here? My goodness … he looks like … an agent!

Let the fan theories begin.

Of course, it could be that the new Morpheus (who is not actually ‘new’) simply looks like an agent – a disguise of sorts. But even then, we have to wonder … Why?

As the Merovingian said in The Matrix Reloaded, our only hope is to understand the ‘Why?’

To begin, we have to back up and understand what the character of Morpheus represents in the Matrix spiritual allegory.

The Rabbit Hole of the Righteous

In many ways, Morpheus has played a pivotal role in the story thus far.

So much so, that the Oracle said of him in The Matrix:

Poor Morpheus. Without him, we’re lost.

That’s a very powerful statement, especially coming from the “mother of the Matrix.” What did she mean by this? She never did explain – only telling Neo of a choice he would face.

The reason behind her statement relates to the most critical aspect of what Morpheus represents, which is the aspect of ‘connection.’ He is the human entity for many who sense there is something “wrong with the world.” He is the one that helps, “free their minds,” from this disconnect to the reality beyond what they’ve believed all their lives.

Our condition gives us choice. But it can’t end there. Connection must follow, which leads to change. (The “4 C’s.”)

No ordinary person can be in such a critical role. This has to be someone with both balance and pure intention – a truly ‘righteous’ person, dedicated completely to the mission of eradicating the Matrix world and bringing humanity into a new and better reality.

This is Your Last Chance To Turn Back

If you are new to this Matrix4Humans Project, we present the “kabbalistic background” to everything in all of the films – including what’s coming in The Matrix Resurrections. We take the “Why” (along with the What, Where, When, and How) down a rabbit hole no one else does.

Traditional kabbalistic texts are couched in spiritual language. This goes beyond ‘religion’ however. Kabbalah is about how the universe functions and our role in it. Every work of human creativity follows this framework – some, like the Matrix – much more specifically than others.

In the vocabulary of kabbalah, the term for such a righteous person as Morpheus, is a ‘tzaddik.’ There are a number of important concepts regarding such a person, and not every tzaddik plays the same type of role. We’re highlighting a few here for the purpose of this article. This is by no means comprehensive.

Three concepts that directly relate to the character of Morpheus:

  1. A tzaddik is an intermediary. Someone who helps bridge the gap between this world of concealment and the spiritual worlds beyond – eventually to the source of all things. This was precisely Morpheus’ role with many who escaped the Matrix.
  2. Those who connect with a tzaddik, continue to be guided by him, along the path of truth. (Which is also the “path of the One.”) Thus, he is also a teacher – as we saw with Morpheus when he instructed Neo about the “rules of the Matrix.”
  3. A tzaddik will do whatever is required of him, on behalf of the greater cause, including sacrificing himself. This occurred in the first film, where Morpheus gave himself up to get Neo to safety.

This all sounds logical and innocent enough. However, the tzaddik is also very clever and knows how to “work within the system.” This is how and where our “new Morpheus” may be acting. 

An Agent or as Clever as a Serpent?

Among the humans freed from the Matrix, not all are in such great shape. Some have a very hard time “letting go.” As a tzaddik, Morpheus put a great deal of love and care into the repair of those he has helped.

The analogy to a “newly formed child” in the following text, might bring to mind the pods the humans are grown in, within the Matrix story:

“There are people whose souls are severely damaged. Even when they come to the Tzaddik they are still sunk in all their bodily desires … It might seem an impossible task to elevate these souls and renew them like an unborn child in the womb. But there is a Tzaddik who has reached the most awesome of levels and who does have the power to elevate even souls which are severely damaged as these. He can renew them like a newly-formed child growing in the womb.”
Nachman of Breslov

In order to accomplish his tasks, the tzaddik can employ a number of strategies and tactics – including forms of deception. He may give the appearance of being something he is not — all for the higher purpose. This may include ‘mingling’ among the population of those who are not yet ready to break free.

He may even take on the appearance of someone working for the other side:

The tzaddik will sometimes appear involved with mundane affairs … dealing with masses on their own level. Externally he appears to have lowered and degraded himself, to have stepped aside from his service to God. In truth, however, he is and remains in a constant state of union with God in all does.”
“Chassidic Dimensions, Volume 3,” Jacob Immanuel Schochet

The above provides insight into why Morpheus would be hanging around people still lost in the false reality of the Matrix, and even taking on the appearance of an agent.

We see that reflected even more clearly in this text:

The Tzaddik is called pure, but on some occasion, some impurity may be found in him so that he may join the impure to elevate them to a state of purity.
“Along the Path: Studies in Kabbalistic Myth, Symbolism, and Hermeneutics,” Elliot R. Wolfson

In this context, he might even have to engage in “unsavory actions” to get things done. From a ‘lower’ perspective (i.e., that of someone still lost within the Matrix) it could appear that he has “done wrong.” This could include fighting with, even killing, certain entities who oppose what he needs to do. 

As Morpheus explained to Neo:

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see? Business people, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. 

There Are Pitfalls on This Path

Of course, whenever someone is functioning within the Matrix, there are dangers. Any human can fall to the temptations it offers.

Think of Cypher from the first movie. He more than just gave up. He allowed Smith to play on his selfish, “evil inclination,” which brought him to the point of betraying others.

This evil inclination is called the yetzer hara in kabbalah, and is has an affinity toward the “other side” (the negative forces of concealment) and its agents:

The tzaddik … has no joy in this world because of worry over the danger of the yetzer hara, that it might seize him in its grasp. The tzaddik, the servant of the Lord, knows the battle with the yetzer hara, and with the enemies who wait along the way of one who serves the Lord. This way is a way of danger, for he must ever live a life of anguish – how to escape from their net and how to warn others of the dangers from these enemies. The more knowledge, the more pain.
“The Zaddik,” Samuel Dresner

Regardless of how good his external ‘disguise’ might be in The Matrix Resurrections, Morpheus has to be on guard, as he is coming very close to the elements of the Matrix that wish to keep humanity in the “prison of their minds.”

This includes the opposing element of Smith, the main adversary in the first three movies. As we discuss in our articles, he will be a renewed ‘villain’ in The Matrix Resurrections.

The greater lesson here for everyone is to understand that there are aspects to the idea of the tzaddik within all of us. We all have Morpheus – and Smith – within.

This article is a synopsis of concepts elaborated on in the Matrix4Humans Project. Morpheus is one of 17 character profiles we feature in our Knowledge Base.

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