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What Was Neo’s Role – Then and Now?

What Neo was able to do thus far provided a level of benefit for everyone, as “the One” has a deep connection to all of humanity:

The Architect revealed this in The Matrix Reloaded:

Your five predecessors were, by design, based on a similar predication – a contingent affirmation that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species, facilitating the function of the One. 

As mentioned, Neo himself ‘became’ the ‘path of the One.’ His ‘ascent’ and connection to the Source at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, enabled the ‘descent’ of the light-energy of the Source into the Matrix.

The impact this had was not fully revealed in the third film. It was, however, much more than just causing people and things to go back to their “pre-Smith” Matrix appearances.

The light that ‘restored’ the Matrix, comes from the Source, which relates back to the state of pre-Matrix harmony. If you recall Neo’s conversation with the Deus ex Machina, they reach an agreement on what the goal should be:

Deus Ex Machina: What do you want?
Neo: Peace.

This was the only acceptable reply that gave Neo the “green light” to continue.

This goes back to the Oracle’s comment, connecting Neo’s ‘power’ to that of the Source:

Oracle: The power of the One extends beyond this world. It reaches from here all the way back to where it came from.
Neo: Where?
Oracle: The Source.

In Part 1, we had said to hold this thought:

Was this (enslavement of humanity) what the machines really wanted?

As we see, what they seem to desire is peace – a return to the wholeness that preceded the Matrix and the division and concealment it caused. 

Incidentally, the term used in kabbalistic writings for peace, “shalom,” from the Hebrew language, literally means ‘wholeness.’ It is not simply a “cessation of hostilities.”

Thus, true ‘peace’ was not attained 18 years ago in The Matrix Revolutions. That remains to happen with the fulfillment of the prophecy. Nonetheless, what Neo accomplished HAD to occur before the rest could take place. (We address this in our Knowledge Base.)

What his ‘mission’ is in the second stage of things, takes on “a little something unexpected.”

Neo fractured mirror peace matrix

The entire reason for this exile is in order to properly restore peace to the physical and spiritual realms. By there not being peace in the heavens I am not at peace, as the pathway to me is fractured. Your job is to restore peace in all the worlds.
“Tikkun Shekinah,” R. Moshe Steinerman

Go Ask Alice When She’s Ten Feet Tall

Neo and Trinity (and what their union represents) will continue to play an important role, though now on a level of greater “collective consciousness.” (This relates to the “fourth level of the soul” and fourth Matrix movie as mentioned in our Introductory lessons.) 

This “interim period” between what Neo did, and the freedom that the prophecy foretold, is one of ‘correction’ or ‘repair.’ It’s now up to the people to do what they need to do.

This is where things ‘begin’ with The Matrix Resurrections movie.

There is much (still) working against humanity, from the general concealment of the truth (which includes ‘blind’ people fighting to preserve the concealment of the Matrix reality) to the influence of external negative forces, such as the Merovingian, as mentioned in Part 1.

A such, the people in the Matrix will need a little more help “from beyond.” One who is no longer so little, but now “ten-feet tall.”

One that is already in place, the cure having been provided before the need. (This is a key kabbalistic concept.) 

We have been discussing Sati for years, in our Facebook group and Zoom conferences*, and her coming role in a ‘required’ fourth film — what we now know as The Matrix Resurrections.

We say ‘required,’ as the Matrix prophecy (which says the Matrix will be destroyed) was never fulfilled. This caused a great deal of speculation around the idea that the prophecy was a “lie and another form of control.”

That is not the case (as we show through the articles on this web site):

As we know, most everyone in the Matrix story jumps to wrong conclusions at some point:

  • The Merovingian was wrong about ‘causality’ being all there was
  • The Architect was wrong about the purpose of the One
  • Neo was wrong to believe what the Architect told him
  • Morpheus was wrong about the war having to end upon hearing what Neo said
  • Smith was wrong about his role in the grand scheme of things

To that list we will add one more:

The view that Sati was a purposeless program, and sent into the Matrix solely to protect her, is also wrong.

Whether or not her parents, Rama Kandra and Kamala, knew more than we were told, is not of consequence. As we discuss in one of our Matrix Resurrections articles, even Neo and Smith had to be “kept in the dark” about some things in order for everything to happen “the way it was to happen.”

We discuss the future role of Sati across several articles in the Knowledge Base. We also proposed something unique:

The opposing force to what she represents will be the Merovingian.

We expect Sati, coming from such a self-less source as her parents, who loved her yet released her, will be instrumental in promoting the “arousal from below” required from the humans, for the prophecy to be fulfilled. 

The one who was called “the last exile” by Smith, will be instrumental in ending “the last exile” of humanity. 

Special help from Heaven is given when gathering in the exiles at the beginning of the Redemption. 
Kol Hator, chapter 3

One might go as far as saying the Matrix was “made for Sati.” That will be the subject in a future article.

Sati in The Matrix Resurrections

As For ‘Resurrections’

Returning to the featured image at the top of the page, the “misfortune of exile” in the Matrix, provides humanity the opportunity to ‘understand’ what results from the path of self-centeredness that overcame the appropriate desires for wholeness.

Seeing their incorrect desires for what they truly are, humans have to ‘die’ to their attachment to those – as Neo did. 

Once they are able to do this, they then ‘resurrect’ the correct desires, which are those in line with that of Neo and the Source – the beginning, which is the end.

This is also the key to the movie date of 12.22.21 as we wrote of.

That is the meaning behind ‘resurrections.’

* Matrix4Humans has a Matrix Zoom Conference in late fall each year. Needless to say, this year’s will be quite exciting! Over the course of three evenings, we show each of the Matrix movies (one per night) with unique discussions. The 2021 conference will be between November 28th and December 6th. Dates and details will soon be posted on this website, in our Facebook group, and in our Twitter and Instagram posts. Stay tuned!

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