The Bane of Existence

First things first. That is Agent Smith in the image above. He is on his way to taking over the body of Bane and entering into the flesh and blood world of the humans.

Later in The Matrix Revolutions, we have this interesting exchange between Bane/Smith and Neo:

Neo: What do you want?
Bane: I want what you want.
Bane: Yes. That’s it, Mr. Anderson. Look past the flesh, look through the soft gelatin of these dull cow eyes and see your enemy.
Neo: No.
Bane: Oh yes, Mr. Anderson.
Neo: It can’t be.
Bane: There’s nowhere I can’t go, there’s nowhere I won’t find you.
Neo: It’s impossible.
Bane: Not impossible. Inevitable. Goodbye, Mr. Anderson

There’s that word ‘inevitable’ again. Smith is right. It’s simply that “how he is right, he is wrong.” We explain that in a later article.

Back to that dialogue. There are three key points to address:

Everything Smith says is only true to an extent:

  1. He “wants what Neo wants.” This is true in that they both want ‘everything.’ However there is a huge difference is in their intention. Neo wants everything, as this relates to how he can save humanity. Smith wants everything because, since he detached himself from the system, he is an unmitigated attribute of Gevurah/Judgment. Gevurah, in an isolated state, will judge and destroy everything without any goal or end in mind. 
  2. There is nowhere Neo can go, that he can’t. The relationship between Neo and Smith only extends to a point. What Smith does not understand (until the very end of The Matrix Revolutions) is that Neo’s power extends to the Source – whereas he (Smith) was just a ‘means’ within a chain of events that will lead to the rectification of the Matrix. We discuss this in our section on Evil and Imperfection in the Matrix. (There is an interesting play on words here as Neo does go to “nowhere” (into the Source), which is ‘nothingness,’ as discussed earlier. Smith cannot go to this place of ‘nowhere’ – only the One can!)
  3. This was inevitable. The statement is correct on the surface, but not in the way Smith is thinking. More on this below.

Keeping Things in Place

Let’s recap some important correlations as this can get confusing when comparing “flesh and blood” humans in the Matrix to humans in the world that we live in.

Remembering these points will help:

  • The computerized Matrix world in the movie, corresponds to the physical world that we ourselves live in – our physical ‘flesh and blood world.’
  • The “flesh and blood” world of the freed humans in the Matrix movie relates to a “higher world” than the Matrix world. It thus correlates to a higher spiritual world in our own existence.
  • Thus when considering the idea of a “world of concealment,” those still “lost in the Matrix” correspond to most of humanity today in our real world.

Inevitable Is Not What Bane/Smith Thinks It Is

The ‘path’ Smith follows is one of ‘ascent,’ similar to Neo:

  • In the first Matrix movie, he connected to other agents – “following orders.”
  • In The Matrix Reloaded, he is unplugged – an independent program, he himself steeking to understand what is happening.
  • In The Matrix Revolutions, he enters the realm of the flesh and blood humans and also has access to the Oracle, ‘taking over’ her body. (In the Biblical book of Job, the entity ‘Satan’ (‘accuser’) has access to the ‘throne of God’ which correlates to the highest of the three worlds of creation – that of the Oracle.)

These three levels parallel the three lower worlds of existence which make up ‘creation.’  According to kabbalistic teachings, the actions of Adam and Eve gave access for evil to permeate those three worlds. They are called the ‘three worlds of impurity.” This is why Smith has access to all three, while Neo can bring repair (‘tikkun’) to the same.

So while Smith is ‘correct’ in saying things were ‘inevitable,’ at the very end of The Matrix Revolutions, he learns that, “how he was right, was wrong.” His ‘unplugging’ and becoming the ‘destroyer’ were “all part of the plan.”

Remember that license plate of his – IS 5416:

Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.
Isaiah 54:16

Everything has to be ‘destroyed’ in order for full repair to occur. Through the One. Though we’re not done!


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