Well, well, well. We’re back. By ‘we’ of course, I mean Morpheus, Rama Kandra, and myself, along with our blogs.

As you might have figured out by now, there’s a lot of people speculating about me, and if a certain little friend of mine might somehow fill my old shoes in The Matrix Resurrections.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

If you didn’t notice, all three of the Matrix movies start with Neo in some sort of sleep-state. His journey was built, one step after another – and a lot of those steps were tricky and painful. It even appeared at times that he went backward. Like that whole, “the prophecy was a lie,” business. Oh my!

Even mistakes can and often do propel us to higher levels of understanding. It’s that “unbalancing the equation” thing. And it cycles through our lives over and over again.

I think Neo, and others, felt a little different toward the end of The Matrix Revolutions. It was a very difficult journey, but he reached the end of the Path of the One, when he entered the realm of the Deus ex Machina.

No One Can See Past the Choices They Don’t Understand

“And I mean no one,” as that quote of mine continued. Yes, it still looks like the prophecy wasn’t true, doesn’t it? After all, the Matrix still exists and the humans aren’t free.

The reason is simple. There is more to the One than just the Path of the One.

The function of the One goes beyond the end of the path that Neo reached. Beyond that sixth iteration. What he did was an important and necessary first stage. We’ve had an interim period since, of which more will be revealed in The Matrix Resurrections. There are three stages to this. We’re in the midst of the middle one.

Now I may not have candy to give out, but I will share some clues.

There’s still something that has to happen for the prophecy to be fulfilled, and that little friend I mentioned, Sati, is going to play a major role.

We discuss in a few places in this Matrix4Humans Knowledge Base, that there was more to Sati entering the Matrix than just saving her from deletion.

I would also want to state that I wasn’t upset at all that her parents did what they did. As Morpheus would wisely say, “What happened, happened, and could not have happened any other way.”

And I’m only interested in one thing – remember? The future.

There’s a Framework to All of This

It’s interesting how the Merovingian was instrumental in Sati entering the Matrix. Just like Smith was key to Neo succeeding in what he did, that old program I warned Neo about, isn’t able to see how he’s going the same route as that agent did. Both Smith and the Merovingian suffered from a limited understanding. It comes with the territory as they say.

Neither of these two ‘children’ of mine, understand that, “from the forest itself, comes the handle for the axe.”

Here’s an important piece of understanding about the Matrix:  As I’ve said, we’re all here to do, what we’re all here to do. Even the entities who bring the negativity into the system. Ultimately, they too, are driving things to the same goal – the end of the Matrix and a whole new level of existence.

Sati entering the Matrix is part of this ultimate plan. She is able to do within your world, what must be done. That’s how it works. There is a framework we all function within.

Here’s another nugget. Her parents are another level of myself and the Architect – the “mother and father” in a world between mine and the Matrix.

If you want to learn more of these levels or ‘worlds’ as we call them around here, why don’t you head over to the first few articles in the Knowledge Base? Get yourself familiar with how this whole Matrix world is set up. Feel free to write me with any questions I am a guide you know.

There are some revealing articles concerning Sati there. She is key to the Matrix prophecy coming to fruition.

Don’t you love how she fixes her hair like mine?

Have a cookie. You’ll feel right as rain.
The Oracle

The Oracle tells us more about her purpose with the One


Program, guide, mother figure … the Oracle is most of all, a connection to the future for everyone.  Her views will challenge your perception of reality, and help you find your way along the path – to discover “the One” within you.

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