Don’t be confused by the title of this blog. The word ‘family’ can mean different things depending on context. There are families of humans of course, but the term can apply to programs and even inanimate objects.

As my friend Rama Kandra relates – what matters are the connections and what they mean.

There’s a lot of connectivity in the Matrix – between programs, between humans, and of course between those two groups. Some entities belong to more than one family. Take Morpheus. He’s part of a family of ship captains, but I’m sure he sees Trinity, Neo and some of the others as an even closer family.

I think it’s time I tell you more about an interesting family of characters – a small family I am part of.

If you may recall, my partner in crime, the Architect, called me, an intuitive program initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche.

I think that sounds a bit cold and even scary. In reality, I’m all about helping everyone find and fulfill their purpose. As I have said though, I am here to ‘unbalance,’ simply because that’s what it takes to make progress.

Part of what I do involves distinguishing between things. This involves exercising judgment. And as I’m the “mother of the Matrix,” this attribute extends through the Matrix itself – especially in some of the programs I helped design.

Which brings me back to this “family business.” There are a couple of programs that exhibit this trait of judgment.  You know who they are – the ones most people would see as the “bad boys” in the Matrix story – Agent Smith and the Merovingian.

As we’ve mentioned in a few places, the Matrix is not your usual bad guys versus good guys story. Everyone is doing “what they are here to do.” Even when they are fighting against the humans, at a deeper level, they are helping bring everything exactly to where it needs to go. More on that later.

As my friend Morpheus wisely said, things “happen and could not happen any other way.”

Both Smith and the Merovingian made specific comments about me. If you recall, Smith called me ‘mom.’ Now you don’t get more ‘family’ than that. It has confused a lot of Matrix fans for the past eighteen years though.

What Smith represents in the Matrix is indeed judgment – pure judgment – from his harsh criticism of humans to his desire to take over and destroy everything. But if you think about how the Architect described my function regarding the humans, you will see that Smith’s role is very closely connected to mine.

I hope you don’t think I’m one of the “bad guys” now. Remember, there are no bad guys.

As for the Merovingian, we know he had his eyes set on something else – namely what he called my ‘eyes.’ Unfortunately for him, he saw me as some sort of “fortune teller,” as he told Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. This fit his simplistic “billiard ball” view of causality, quite well.

No doubt, if he could have gained insight into the future, he would have tried to arrange the right “cause and effect” to meet his lifestyle. His ways are very self-serving. He may be charismatic, but unlike Neo, it’s a manipulative form of charisma. Persephone certainly got tired of it. I have more to explain about her later on.

It may seem like Smith, the Merovingian and I don’t have much in common, but as with everything in the Matrix, you have to go beyond the obvious. We all share some aspect of restricting things in order for something new to come about.

Don’t forget, I’m the one who intentionally withheld information from Neo, until he was ready. 

If you look at that kabbalistic diagram called the Tree of Life, you might notice that my ‘family’ members and I are over on the “left side.” This is where our ‘connection’ is found and why they were both drawn toward me — and wanted something that originated with me. Smith even made his way to connect with me.

Yes, I was expecting him. It is all part of the plan – the one he could not see, as it was beyond his sphere of understanding.

I must admit, I did enjoy his look of surprise after he took over my shell. He didn’t grasp what was happening until his final encounter with Neo. 

One last thing regarding the future. Although Agent Smith as we knew him, is no more, what he expresses remains, and some aspect of it will find its way through the end of this journey – the realization of the Matrix prophecy.

In fact, it is necessary.

As for the Merovingian, let’s not forget that Persephone revealed that he was once like Neo. This makes him one of the most complex entities in our story.

Here’s something to challenge everyone’s level of understanding:

How could the Merovingian have once been like Neo, when he is a program and Neo is human?

If you aren’t aware of what programs represent along the kabbalistic scheme, you may want to check out our early Knowledge Base articles.

I do expect old ‘Merv’ and his big ego to be nothing but trouble in The Matrix Resurrections. After all, just like Smith and I, he is here to unbalance things. 

Have a cookie. You’ll feel right as rain.
The Oracle

The Oracle tells us more about her purpose with the One


Program, guide, mother figure … the Oracle is most of all, a connection to the future for everyone.  Her views will challenge your perception of reality, and help you find your way along the path – to discover “the One” within you.

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