This will be my last blog until after The Matrix Resurrections comes out. (I have a lot of cookies to make!) We’ve all been waiting so long for this whole prophecy thing to get figured out. If you recall, I am the source of that ‘prediction.’ I’m also the one who said that no one can see past the choices they don’t understand – and there do seem to be a lot of people who have that problem, with regard to believing the prophecy was a lie. They’re the same ones who believed with complete certainty that Sati was a program with no purpose.

You see, understanding the Matrix films is much like the Matrix story itself. No one trapped in that world can begin to understand anything about it. You have to get beyond it to be able to look at it properly.  When people don’t know what to look for, it’s very easy for them to come to faulty conclusions — as was the case with the Architect and many fans, regarding the prophecy, Sati, and other ideas. (Have you seen some of these so-called ‘theories’ about the Matrix that have been proposed over the years? My goodness. I suppose Cypher was right when he said “ignorance is bliss!”)

If what I am saying sounds familiar to some of you – it’s because I helped write the very first article in the Knowledge Base two years ago, where I first alluded to this idea.

All that being said, I’ve again been asked again to help with and comment on something – in this case our little Zoom room gatherings coming up in December. Of course, I’m speaking about our Matrix Zoom conference. You will find the link to them below.  My co-bloggers Morpheus and Rama Kandra will also be chiming in on this key event very soon.

We’re going to break down everything in detail, starting on December 6th. We will show you the exact kabbalistic framework behind the Matrix and how the Path of the One connects to it. I can tell you that this is the same information the Wachowskis studied.

We will also go deeper into the characters of Morpheus, Trinity, Smith – and even Cypher! We are adding new insights from the first Matrix film not found on this website, on subjects such as the red pill and choice, the relationship between AI and the Source, the battery concept and what it really energizes, the deeper meaning of dodging bullets and the spoon that isn’t a spoon – and much more. And that’s just the first night.

On the 13th, our focus shifts to The Matrix Reloaded, and with that, another one of our oldest friends gets his time in the limelight – the Merovingian. We’re going to let you in on a few secrets about what he represents in kabbalah, how he was once like Neo, and who he will be antagonist to in The Matrix Resurrections. You will be shocked – unless of course, you’ve spent time perusing our Knowledge Base. We will also have some things to share about Mister Excitement himself – the Architect. All kidding aside, there are some fascinating aspects to his conversation with Neo that we’re going to reveal more about. (I can say that it’s some of the deepest stuff concerning your own world!)

Finally, on December 20th (just two days prior to the new movie!) we will explore more hidden concepts from The Matrix Revolutions, including; meditation, death, reincarnation, inner and outer dimensions of the Source, why Smith had to take over the Matrix, and thoughts about what to expect in The Matrix Resurrections.

And of course my favorite little topic – Sati – and my hidden connection to her – which is at the deepest core of the Matrix story.

As my partner, the Architect said of me, I am very detail-oriented. So, inasmuch as I’d love to share more, I’m sworn to secrecy until after our Zoom Conference. I’ll share one more important thing though. The path of the One is not just Neo’s. It’s everyone’s – both in the movie and among the viewers. Remember, Matrix4Humans is really Matrix FOR Humans. Everything we’re going to discuss relates to much more than these movies. My Latin, “Temet Nosce” (know thyself) sign, is all about connecting to the Source – your Source – as we will show you soon.

Well, for those fortunate enough to attend, you’re in for a treat. It will be a great chance for people to ask questions too. And as always, you will have to decide to accept what you hear or not. Remember that whole ‘choice’ thing that came up so often across the three movies?

We’re all here to do, what we’re all here to do, and I am here to create choices that lead to new connections that create change. I’m all about unbalancing equations — remember?

I hope we change a few minds in the weeks ahead. Feel free to write to me any time! Our conference information is at

Have a cookie. You’ll feel right as rain.
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Program, guide, mother figure … the Oracle is most of all, a connection to the future for everyone.  Her views will challenge your perception of reality, and help you find your way along the path – to discover “the One” within you.

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