How are things? If you feel I am leaving a lot for you to try to figure out in my previous posts – congratulations. You’re understanding something about what my purpose is. 

This is a big part of what I am here to do. I cause what I call ‘constriction‘ within the false reality of the Matrix. This occurs at a very personal level. I have to first unbalance the equation in your mind – to make room. That allows you to go find something better to put in there. 

As I said before, the process of you working through these things, and what you choose and connect to, is critical to your advancement. 

If you’re still confused, things will become more clear as we go forward. Spending time in the Matrix4Humans Knowledge Base will clarify much.

Remember the first time Neo came to visit me? I did the same thing to him. I took some roundabout ways to prepare him for what he needed to hear.

First I told him he had the potential to be the One but was not ready. He was waiting for something. I too was waiting – to tell him more about his purpose. With that statement, I began a sequence of actions to help rid him of the things that were holding him back. 

Even doubt is something that can be used to advantage. Neo had his doubts about being the One. It caused him to reach deep inside and find something that he did not know was there –namely that he was the One!

I then mentioned the significance of Morpheus and how Neo would have a life and death choice to make. This had everything to do with what Neo was “waiting for.” However, what that meant specifically, I didn’t reveal yet.

As I told him in our final conversation in The Matrix Revolutions, some things were beyond his level of understanding at that earlier point in his path. It would be like pouring piping hot liquid into one of those styrofoam cups.  This would not work out so well.

That was another lesson in humility, which is knowing who you really are and why you are here.  True humility is not only critically important for advancement, it is also one of the trickiest things to develop as we’re not often the best judge of ourselves. 

That’s part of what I help people with. I evaluate objectively and tell them, exactly what they need to hear.

Neo not only had to place Morpheus’ life ahead of his own in the first movie, he also had to put his life on the line for a small group of people at the end of The Matrix Reloaded when the sentinels were upon them. Then he willfully sacrificed himself for the sake of everyone at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, beginning the interim period taking us to the Matrix Resurrections.

Do you see the progression?

What Neo had to learn, is that he would reach the point of these choices, where total self-nullification was required. Each time he met the condition before him, he advanced to a higher level of understanding. Along with that came a more difficult choice regarding his own life.

As I said in an earlier post, this cycle may go around more than once in someone’s life. Most of us won’t experience such profound moments where we have to choose between our own life and others.

But on a different level, it happens all the time. For instance, holding others in high esteem, even in situations where it makes you uncomfortable. Each one of those situations is an opportunity for personal growth – as long as our intention is pure, and that revolves around humility.

Part of my purpose is resetting the condition a person has to meet each time, giving them a renewed choice, which leads to higher-level connections. You can also call this a higher level of consciousness.

For Neo, this greater understanding was required to bring about rectification and the end of the Matrix.

Of course, he still hasn’t finished that task yet. There are stages to this process. It’s a sequence of events. There are many steps along the path of the One. Each requires greater consciousness, a higher level of one’s soul.

We’ll bake some noodles around that in a future discussion.

Have a cookie. You’ll feel right as rain.
The Oracle

The Oracle tells us more about her purpose with the One


Program, guide, mother figure … the Oracle is most of all, a connection to the future for everyone.  Her views will challenge your perception of reality, and help you find your way along the path – to discover “the One” within you.

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