Greetings. I hope you remember me from my brief role in Neo’s train station scene where I spoke to him about love and connections. I have much to share about such things and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

When we think of connection, it has to do with something moving from one ‘state’ to another. We can connect by changing our physical location, such as when Sati moved from the world of the programs down into the Matrix. We can also make emotional connections – though in this realm, I have found that things can be unpredictable. Emotions have difficulty with boundaries.

Connection is made at the level of the intellect as well. For example, through this Matrix4Humans project, we can connect through discussing aspects of the movie, such as where the ideas came from, and how we may apply them to real life. This is how the Matrix can be “for humans.”

In all these cases, if you have two or more things being connected, that implies there is something in-between them. Some sort of path. We see this in the three movies, where our friend Neo moved from the Matrix toward the Source. This has been called the “path of the One.”

There is an important concept to understand here. Neo, in fact anyone, can travel both ways along this path. That which is at the other end, can, in turn, do things to draw you toward it, or divert you, for various reasons. I am here to help explain more about such ideas in our discussions. 

Kindly post your comments and questions for me. I know that it may seem strange to connect in this manner, but if you accept the idea, you may find we are here for the same reason.

Always with love,
Rama Kandra

Rama Kandra speaks of love and connections


Rama Kandra seeks to bring balance into his discussions. He possesses great understanding of its importance in finding one’s path and advancing upon it. When he’s not busy working at the power plant, he likes dropping hints about the fourth Matrix movie.

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Sati the daughter in Matrix Revolutions