The Matrix

The first Matrix movie was about learning the ‘reality’ and basic ‘rules’ of the Matrix world, and its connection to the concealed worlds of the programs, and the Oracle. This is also the first soul level of Nefesh, the ‘basic’ soul. There is a ‘spark’ at this level that needs to awaken to see that, “this is not the real world.” (What Morpheus called the ‘splinter’ in Neo’s mind.) Existence in the Matrix corresponds to our own present world, where many remain unaware of the spiritual worlds beyond our senses.

There is of course one other key aspect to the story (that we have brought up in previous articles. That is that The Matrix has a “back story” only alluded to by Morpheus but explained in other sources outside of the movies. As we will show, this has everything to do with events in The Matrix Resurrections.

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded focused on the complexities of the world of programs, with multiple Smiths, the Merovingian, Persephone, and the Architect. Neo also had key discussions about programs with the Oracle on the park bench, and with Councilor Hamaan. Kabbalistically, the program world is the in-between world that aligns with the angelic realm. Both oversee and run things.

This second movie has Neo experiencing doubts, dreams and multiple new barriers. These are what we experience at the second soul level of Ruach as we struggle to deal with new spiritual realities that are unclear to us. This is where many people turn back or diverge from their advancement.

The Matrix Revolutions

The focus of the third movie, The Matrix Revolutions, is the world of the Oracle, and her explaining great mysteries to Neo. (Which, as she told him, he was not ready for until he reached this level!) This is the world of Beriah (the beginning of ‘Creation’).

Matrix Revolutions is also the third soul-level of the Neshama for Neo, which is that of making a connection with the Divine. Morpheus, Trinity, Niobe, and even Smith, all connect with the Oracle in this movie. The Neshama soul level, and the world of Beriah, relate to the highest level of personal consciousness attainable to us in this life. (Check out the fuller explanation of her Temet Nosce sign to Neo.)

It’s a Mom & Pop Shop

The World of Existence (that of the Architect/Analyst) is a reflection of the divine seamless transparent consciousness that preceded it. His is the world of “composite” unity. Whereas we could know nothing about what preceded that, at this initial level of existence we can identify and give definition to concepts, that would soon materialize in the actual Creation.

The next world of the Oracle is called Beriah, meaning ‘creation.’ In kabbalah, the world of Existence (Atzilut) is associated with the ‘father’ aspect of the Creator, whereas the world of Beriah is that of the ‘mother.’

This is precisely how it is understood in the Matrix:

If I am the father of the matrix, she would undoubtedly be its mother.
The Architect

Though it may seem these two worlds are very divided, it’s important to note that from the perspective of the Source (the Creator) all is ‘one.’ This is especially pertinent to the creation of ‘man,’ who was created “male and female.”

The Zohar, the preeminent text of kabbalah. associates these two aspects of ‘man’ with the masculine and feminine dimensions of these worlds of Emanation (the Architect/father) and Creation (the Oracle/mother). It explains that ‘man’ was created from both.

As with how the Architect described to Neo, this involved a “two-part process” made of the idea of singular perfection (his world) with that of hers, which is one of differentiation.

In Zohar terms, the original unrestricted ‘light’ of the world of Emanation, required the addition of ‘darkness-light’ (the original light with the added restriction) of the feminine.

This requires careful reading:

Is there such a division between Father and Mother, that from the side of the Father, Man has been formed in the way of emanation, and from the side of the Mother in the way of creation?”… It is not so, since the Man of emanation was both male and female, from the side of both Father and Mother, and that is why it says, ‘And God said, Let there be light, and there was light’: let there be light from the side of the Father, and there was light from the side of the Mother; and this is the man of two faces. This ‘man’ has no ‘image and likeness’. Only the supernal Mother had a name combining light and darkness-light.
Zohar 1:22b

The text presents the idea of the feminine (the Oracle) combining the light with what is called “darkness-light.” The latter is what gives the light defintion. They work hand-in-hand.

Bina is thus the actualization of chochma, and malchut is the actualization of the emotions. In both cases, the male principle is the abstract idea and the female principle is its concretization.  (Analyst & Oracle – Neo & Trin all unifying) …………..  The two Biblical archetypes for these two facets of femininity are the two wives of JacobLeah and Rachel. Leah is represented by the first hei of the Divine Name, and Rachel by the second hei. Since the four letters represent a sequential, descending process in the act of creation, this means that Leah (the “upper” hei) represents a higher level of spirituality than Rachel (the “lower” hei). Leah personified bina; Rachel personified malchut.
“The Mystical Aspects of Feminity,” Moshe-Yaakov Wisnefsky


Are We Tracking All These Women?

We first published our article, the Elevation of the Feminine back in October of 2020. In it, we said to expect to see several female characters play new/major roles in the coming fourth movie. The only surprise to us

especially concerning the return of Sati.

With regard to where we are heading

Sati return …

In a primeval state the daughter is fully integrated in the father, together consituting the androgynous form of divine wisdom. Indeed in this state it is not even appropriate to conceive of father and daughter as distinct hypostases — but in a secondary stage, the daughter splits off from the father, and she is given to the son so that the original balance of gender will be restored. In order to restore that balance, the daughter had to be given to the son for she could no longer pair with the father.
“Language, Eros, Being: Kabbalistic Hermeneutics and Poetic Imagination,” Elliot R. Wolfson

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