The Door of Light is a Point of Light

Following the intriguing instructions from the Keymaker, regarding the ‘314’ second window, Neo enters a mysterious door of light and the hidden world of the Architect. There is a peculiar aspect to his passage, as the door constricts to a single point of light before the Architect appears. 

This point of light directly relates to the concept of a “composite unity” represented by the Architect. It is not the perfect singularity of the Source. It is made up of identifiable aspects within one point, reflecting the Architect with his many video screens.

It also relates to his desire to solve equations into one happy answer, as the Oracle said of him.

Neo’s entrance into this point of light is coming from the direction heading from the Matrix ‘upward’ on his path toward the Source. This is the 4th world of existence for him; preceded by those from the Matrix, the program world and the Oracle.

If we were to look at that same point of light from “the Architect’s perspective, down toward the Matrix,” it reveals something very interesting.

We’ve Seen the Point Before

The Wachowskis cleverly snuck something significantly important into the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded, before you even got settled in your chair.

This same ‘white dot’ we see with the door of light appears in the very opening moments of the movie before any of the characters appear. Quite amazingly, the scene precisely shows us the worlds of existence in sequence, from the point of view of the Source in The Matrix.

What is remarkable is this text, which aligns precisely with what we are about to see — first from (attaining) the vantage point, then through the worlds:

The term ‘descended’ is employed because the one who sees the constellation enters the high place of light from which he receives the everflow of view and he returns downward and sees the whole constellation.
 “Sha’are Orah” (Gates of Light) Yosef Gikatilla, 12th century

Matrix Reloaded is a giant step in Neo’s knowledge of the Matrix framework. He comes to learn that Smith can multiply himself. He encounters the Merovingian, Persephone and the Architect. (See our Character Profiles in the Knowledge Base). After ‘fighting’ with an entity called Seraph, he learns about the program world from the Oracle.

What’s fascinating is this opening scene of going ‘toward’ then ‘back’ from the Source, later resulting in “greater knowledge” for Neo, correlates to the same idea from the Bible’s book of Daniel:

And you, Daniel, close up the words and seal the book until the time of the end; many will run to and fro, and the knowledge will increase.
Daniel 12:4

The Door of Light and Worlds of Existence

The movie clip below is from the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded. Follow the notes below as you watch it. We also offer the kabbalistic/Hebrew terms for the worlds of existence.

  • At the 46-second mark, we see the code of the Matrix heading towards a single point of light. Where is the code coming from? We are not shown. It is “outside of existence” from our view. This perspective is from “the Source the concept of unknowable singularity.
  • Everything that is to come into existence (via the code) enters into the single point of light. This becomes clear around the 50-second mark. This is the same single ‘point’ that emanates from the door of light Neo passes through on his way to the Architect. It represents the world of Existence prior to Creation. This world is called ‘Atzilut’ which means ‘nearness.’ (As in near to “the Source.”)  It contains all of creation “within it.”
  • Immediately after this, there is an explosion of imagery. This is the first world of creation. (Which is called ‘Beriah.’) Here’s our ‘big bang.’ Nothing has “taken form” yet. This concept of expansion from the singular point relates to the Oracle and her abilities t0 “derive one thing from another” and deal with complexities.
  • At the 1-minute mark, we begin to see the imagery take form into rough objects (like those in a blueprint) and then ‘descend.’ This is the world called ‘Yetzirah,’ which means ‘formation.’ It corresponds to the ‘ladder’ in Jacob’s dream, discussed in our introductory material. This is the connecting world between Beriah above and the physical world below. 
  • The descent through that intermediary world continues until the 1:20 mark when the ‘timeclock’ is actually ‘made’ in the world of the Matrix. This lowest world of existence is called ‘Asiyah,’ and means ‘making.’

You may want to watch the video below a few times and compare to the notes above. This is a true hidden gem of understanding.

UPDATE: Another Door of Light!

The release of the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections reveals Neo “taking the plunge” through another door of light. (See image below.) Just as the door of light leading to the Architect was symbolic of the 4th world of existence along Neo’s path in The Matrix Reloaded, this door in the 4th film, corresponds precisely to the 4th level of the soul, that of collective consciousness, on Neo’s journey, as discussed in our early articles.

The Matrix story has yet to divert from the “kabbalistic script!”

Matrix Resurections Door of Light


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