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Who is this mysterious little girl that likes to make cookies with the Oracle? As with many Matrix concepts, a lot of time has been spent “looking on the outside and not the inside” to figure her out. Though her name, Sati, has some type of connections in Buddhist and Hindu lore, these don’t directly relate to the role she has in the storyline, which is one of the deeper concepts in Kabbalah.

The character of Sati provides us key information about the path of the One and where the fourth movie is going. We’re setting some foundation with this Profile page, and will expand on this in future posts.

Sati and Malkhut

The last of the ten sefirot, Malkhut, is almost always associated with a ‘feminine’ aspect such as daughter, bride, lower mother, among others. Though Trinity is strongly linked to this emanation in the three movies, Sati becomes connected when her parents bring her from the “higher world” of the programs down to the lowest world of the Matrix (i.e., Malkhut) They do this for an interesting reason.

As the Oracle stated in The Matrix Reloaded:

“… a program can either choose to hide here or return to The Source.”

We will return to the meaning of Sati and to her being ‘hidden,’ in a bit. There’s something else to explain first.

The Corruption of Malkhut

Kabbalah teaches that as people fall further into destructive self-serving behaviors, the attribute of Malkhut (which relates to our physical world) becomes ‘corrupted’ by the negative impact of these actions on the spiritual worlds above.

As mentioned earlier, Malkhut has a unique property in that it is completely ‘receptive.’ Looking at the Tree of Life diagram (below) shows why. Everything spiritual flows ‘downward’ and pours into Malkhut – the ‘final stop.”

If what flows is positive (love, generosity, selflessness, humility, etc.) then Malkhut (and our world) functions well.

However, if what is ‘deposited’ into Malkhut is continually negative (hate, greed, envy, arrogance, etc.) Malkhut will reach a point of being ‘full’ of such things. 

Malkhut’s ‘Anger’ On a Global Scale

When the corruption of Malkhut occurs on a large scale, it triggers negative events in the world. These include things like famine, pestilence, disease and war. 

An ancient kabbalistic text explains this as follows:

“Know that this attribute (Malkhut), because it receives energy from higher powers (once received) has various qualities; to give life, or bring death, to bring up or bring down, to smite or to cure. All, however, is dependent upon the kind of energy that can be drawn to this attribute. It acts among all Creation according to the energy it receives … There are, however, other times when people transgress and the channels of judgment obstruct the channels of loving-kindness and mercy, causing much stress to be drawn into the world. The world, at that time, knows much suffering and want, and it is fraught with diseases and plagues.”
Sha’are Orah (“Gates of Light”), Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, 12th century

If nothing is done to change the “negative flow” into Malkhut, it eventually “flips a reset button.” This leads to complete destruction of the corrupted and creation of a new world/system. 

As the Architect revealed, this cycle is said to have occurred several times in the Matrix.

“… this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.”

By destroying itself, and initiating a new reality, Malkhut (the end) ‘becomes’ the Keter (the beginning) of a new world. It has ‘transformed’ itself from being only a ‘receiver’ to also being the top ‘transmitter.’

Sati’s Descent

Getting back to what we alluded to earlier. Sati is brought down from the Program world into the Matrix, in a ‘concealed’ manner, through a deal with the Merovingian.

Remembering how he described his role:

“I am a trafficker of information, I know everything I can.”

With regard to entities moving from one world of existence to another,” the Merovingian has control.

Rama Kandra: I know that if you want to take something from our world into your world that does not belong there, you must go to the Frenchman.

Time for a leading question …

Should the Merovingian be concerned that some little girl is being brought into the Matrix from the Program world?

Sneaking Sally Through the Alley

There is a kabbalistic concept which says that when a soul comes into the physical world to be joined to a body, it first passes by an aspect of the “other side” (“Sitra Achra,” sometimes called the “evil realm”) which examines it to determine if the person will amount to much good, much evil, or something in-between.

If the soul is seen as having the potential to ‘do good,’ the ‘other side’ will do something to prevent it from accomplishing its task. It may even use a physical entity to try and kill the person. (i.e., the Biblical story of Pharoah murdering all the first-born Hebrew boys – which Moses survived.)

Thus, from a “higher perspective,” there is a  need to get “righteous souls” past the observation of the other side. This is done by making them (or their parents) appear to be “not so good” or “not very capable.” Call this an act of “divine trickery” if you will.

This ancient text associates that concept specifically with the idea of the figure called “the messiah”:

The great souls that are part of the cycle of souls of Messiah [i.e. such as Abraham, or David] are born simpletons and sometimes even to evil people, with nothing apparently special, in the likeness of the verse, “with no beauty that we should desire it” (Isaiah 53:2). This is because the level of holiness of Messiah’s soul is so high, that in its cycle its holiness is concealed from the Klipot (i.e. the husks that conceal the holy light). This is done through sins and problematic situations that are simply ruses to trick the Other-Side. The Impure Forces would think that since this Soul comes from a place that needs so much correction, it will cause the body to further sin; so it is concealed from them that it’s going to submit totally to God and manifest Godliness to the world.
Shaar haGilgulim (Gate of Reincarnations) ch. 38, 16th century

Let’s examine this with regard to Sati:

  • The Merovingian is the aspect of the ‘Other Side’ regarding this 
  • Sati’s parents, Rama Kandra and Kamala, made a deal with the Merovingian that compromised the Oracle to some degree. This act gave them the appearance of being evil people, causing the Merovingian to see Sati as coming from an “impure source” and not having any significant role.
  • Thus, the Merovingian had no reason to ‘suspect’ anything and enabled her to enter the world of the Matrix ‘unscathed.’

But Does Sati Matter?

Of course, one may now say, “Why is this significant as Sati didn’t end up being an important figure in the story?”

This brings us to where we are at the end of The Matrix Revolutions and the unfulfilled prophecy:

  • The Matrix was not destroyed. It has been recreated but is mostly the same as it was
  • All of humanity is not yet ‘freed.’ There is a peace, but it’s temporary as the Matrix still exists

What will initiate the final phase where the Matrix will come to an end?

There is a kabbalistic tradition that says the world as we know it, comes to an end after the last soul comes into the world.

Smith (to Sati): And you must be the last exile.

As we discuss in a future post, Sati will be anything but a passive entity in the fourth movie. The secret within her emanates from her parents – “hidden in plain sight” in the conversation between Rama Kandra and Neo.

More to come!


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