Since 2003, there has remained a lingering question regarding “the One.” As I stated from the beginning, the One would bring the end of the Matrix and freedom to the human race. In as much as Neo performed an amazing act of selflessness in giving up his life at the end of the last movie, the Matrix still exists and many humans remain trapped within it.

The prophecy was very clear that there would be an end to that existence.

So was it all a lie? That certainly is a view of many in the fan-world of The Matrix.

If you recall, our former crew member Cypher asked how Neo could be the One, if he was dead. That was certainly a valid question and one that has resonated loudly over the years. It has led to much speculation on whether Neo failed or somehow would carry on even after his death.

With the announcement of Neo returning in The Matrix Resurrections, it seems the latter is true.

This raises an important question:

Why does he need to?

I can certainly see how that may raise some eyebrows. As I like to say – This is where you need to let it all go – including any preconceived notions.

You see, within the body of teachings that lies behind the Matrix story is the concept that a very righteous person – one like Neo – can continue to do many, if not greater, things after death. We talk about this in the Matrix4Humans Knowledge Base.

Does this sound too strange, even for a movie?

You may want to consider the characters of Obiwan in Star Wars, and Dumbledore in Harry Potter. They, like Neo, willingly gave up their lives to the “other side” for the benefit of others. Both of them were then able to exert greater influence, not being restricted by the limitations of physicality.

Each of them helped rid the divisions that had formed within their stories. They did what Neo said he would do at the very end of the first movie, when he said he would show people a world, “without borders or boundaries.” This is pointing to a very singular existence. 

We’re all telling the same story from different angles.

The Matrix Resurrections will follow this theme but it is going to take us into uncharted waters, beyond any other book or movie – or should I say, uncharted for those without the map that we are presenting!

The choice is yours. The honor is mine.

Morpheus talks about if the One failed in his mission


Morpheus is a teacher, martial arts trainer and above all, a man of great faith. He never lets anything get in the way – physically or mentally. His approach is always one of being pro-active and enabling a person’s boundless imagination. 

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