Welcome. Let us return to the path of Neo, which is also the path of the Matrix movies.

What was that I said in my last blog?

The Matrix Resurrections will follow this theme but it is going to take us into uncharted waters.

That does seem a rather presumptuous statement on my part! After all, how do I know what’s in the script for The Matrix Resurrections?

Call it part faith, and part “educated guess,” if you wish.

You see, unlike playing the stock market, with the elements that make up the Matrix story, past ‘performance’ is indeed indicative of future ‘results.’

Do you recall what I said about the future being tied to our past in The Matrix Reloaded?

“I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lies behind me!”

This path began long before I, or anyone, was born. This is the same “path of the One,” so often spoken of regarding Neo. It is one that we must all negotiate.

Though it is true that each person has his own journey in life, three things are constant.

  • Every one of us begins by exiting our own “personal Matrix” – be that a physical, emotional, or another form.
  • The framework of the path is a constant. We must understand, however, that we’re all dealing with a subjective view of an objective reality. We all have to walk the walk, continually seeking greater clarity. I too came to realize my understanding needed improvement after Neo returned from meeting the Architect.
  • The ‘Source’ is a singular reality – whether you call it ‘God’ or “higher power,” or something else. This is where belief, or faith, comes in.

The questions facing us, are very much the same that faced Neo:

  • Will we find the path in our present condition?
  • Will we choose to follow it or turn back to our Matrix-like existence?
  • Will we learn to navigate it and make the right connections? (Rama Kandra’s favorite topic!)
  • What change will occur? Where will it take us?

The concept of change in terms of self-improvement is a noble one of course, but what is the greater purpose? The idea of a path and source implies that we have purpose. Even our old nemesis, Agent Smith, recognized the importance of purpose.

If you recall what he said to Neo, in The Matrix Reloaded:

“… as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.”

This brings us back to The Matrix Resurrections. If you’re going to quote me on something, make it this:

The path of the One ended at the Source, however, the purpose of the One goes well beyond that connection.

Neo’s death did not put an end to why he exists. As we’ve mentioned, he had to die to continue his purpose in the higher dimensions of reality – at a higher level of his soul not accessible while in his mortal body.

And it’s this purpose of the One, going ahead on his own, that will help enable the rest of humanity to escape the Matrix. However, there still must be an “awakening from below,” among those in the Matrix.

No one, myself included, completely understood that the One reaching the Source, was not the final chapter to the story of our freedom. I still believe that as with everything else, what happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.

There is a sequence of events that brings us to the final redemption. We are getting there.

One thing Neo did is buy us time. He prevented the system from being destroyed. We are now in an interim period – one that cannot last forever.

What Neo said to the machines in the first movie is equally applicable to those remaining in Zion;

Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

There is so much yet to learn. It is not without irony, that the more we use our imagination to access this information, the more precise our understanding of this information, and our path, become.

The choice is yours. The honor is mine.

Morpheus talks about if the One failed in his mission


Morpheus is a teacher, martial arts trainer and above all, a man of great faith. He never lets anything get in the way – physically or mentally. His approach is always one of being pro-active and enabling a person’s boundless imagination. 

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