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Welcome to The Source Blog for the Matrix4Humans Project. This particular forum will be for general questions and information as well as updates from the M4H Team.

We call this a ‘project’ as it’s far more than just a discussion around Matrix movie characters, ideas and scenes. The first part is to reveal something that has been hidden for some 20 years — the singular body of information that unifies and explains everything in the Matrix movies. 

The second stage of this project, which will be rolled out in 2021, is to show how these same concepts are relevant to “real life,” especially in the times we live in. Thus the name, “Matrix4Humans.”

Start with the Introductory files in the Knowledge Base.  We can say with a fair amount of certainty, that you have never seen anything like this.

We are doing something very different to further develop the information we’re presenting. In order to provide the most specific insights that people are interested in, we are featuring several ‘character’ blogs that you can communicate with.

These are:

Each blog relates to the particular perspective of the character.

The Oracle explains details about the structure of existence and how to truly “know yourself.”

Morpheus takes a very imaginative and open-ended approach and will challenge your perceptions of reality.

As for Rama-Kandra, he has deep insights into connectivity and where things are going with this Matrix story.

You will find that these discussions weave in and out between Matrix themes and real-life application of the deeper concepts we can learn from those. Everything is connected.

This approach also reflects the resources you will find through this site. The blogs and articles, along with podcasts, videos, newsletters, and Facebook group, complement each other.

We also have a monthly Zoom chat starting in February, 2021. It’s free to everyone looking to go further down the rabbit hole.

Peace is Wholeness,
The M4H Team

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