Hello all! The updates for the Source Blog will appear less often than those of our Character Blogs, which have been published on a monthly basis. As we get closer to the arrival of the fourth movie (now scheduled for 12.22.21) it’s likely there will be a lot more to talk about!

As of this October, 2020, we’re happy to say that most of our articles for our Knowledge Base are in place. We are now at 45 files.  We do plan to add more material in the near future, including articles related to the upcoming, “The Matrix Resurrections.”

We’re also adding to our new Resource page with additional helpful information for understanding the framework and concepts of the Matrix.

In addition to developing new Knowledge Base material, we’re starting to make plans for our first video productions. We did a survey of our Facebook audience to select a name for our “video production” department and the winner is … “Deja Mew Studios.”  Our little black kitty, Asher, is the mascot – naturally! We hope to launch next summer.

As always, if there are any aspects of the movies, their kabbalistic connections, or anything else Matrix-related, that you would like to see addressed in an article, blog, or video – let us know!

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Peace is Wholeness,
The M4H Team

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