Allow me to jump right in on a hot topic. A lot of people are wondering what the fourth Matrix movie will be about. Some of the ideas floating around are quite interesting.

Have you seen the one theorizing that either Trinity or Smith is “the One?” Or that after escaping the Matrix, humans are simply in another Matrix? How about Neo ending up being John Wick?  

Don’t get me wrong – imagination is important. But perhaps we can investigate ideas based on something more substantive.

Yes, I told Neo that the rules of the Matrix could be bent and at times ‘broken’ – but there remained a hidden reality that even he had to adhere to.

In the spirit of “freeing your mind,” let me start by giving you a clue about the Matrix story. It’s not the usual “good guys versus bad guys” theme. And as much as I like reading philosophy, it’s beyond that as well. 

The Matrix is definitely a metaphor – but not one you will read about in any of the usual places. 

What if I told you that the Matrix is a good thing for the humans? 

I can imagine the look on a lot of faces upon reading that. And the demand for an explanation of course!

As I told Neo, I will have to show you.

In the same manner, you will have to let go of preconceived notions. In more than one way, this is much like the red and blue pill choiceYou can go back to reading the speculative ideas on the Internet and the Hollywood columns, or accept what I, and the others, are going to show you.

I hope that my blog, and the rest of the information presented on the Matrix4Humans site, will be helpful in opening the door to understanding the profound origins of the Matrix and how it can alter your own view of reality. 

The choice is yours. The honor is mine.

Morpheus The Matrix Desert of the Real


Morpheus is a teacher, martial arts trainer and above all, a man of great faith. He never lets anything get in the way – physically or mentally. His approach is always one of being pro-active and enabling a person’s boundless imagination. 

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