Hello my friends. Another letter arrived. This one is asking me to elaborate more on a previous subject, which I will gladly do.

Rama Kandra,
You hint a lot at what the future of the Matrix story is all about. In one of your earlier blog posts you mentioned that you would be sharing an amazing connection. When will you do this?

It is true that I made such a comment back in my third post. Far be it from me to not honor my own promises! However, I must mention what I have said before. There are many steps, many connections, in our story. It would not be appropriate of me to speak of something too soon, without you knowing of these other links.

Having said this, my hope is that those reading this blog have spent time in our Knowledge Base, becoming familiar with some of these important ideas. It will greatly facilitate understanding.

Consider the two things we might view as being furthest apart in our story. This would be the Matrix world itself, and what is called, “the Source.”

Neo was able to traverse this long path, from one end to the other. This unique connection enabled the light-energy from the Source to come down into the Matrix, effecting a ‘reset’ of sorts.

Of course, the unsuspecting Agent Smith had a key role to play in this. There were things he could do, and had do, that Neo could not, in order for this to occur. I am afraid this is a topic for yet another day!

This was simply Smith’s function. Neo was the one who had free will and made the choice in enabling this connection.

Choice. Another word whose meaning relates to connection. Of course, some choices are difficult to make. This is true, even for those who have escaped the Matrix world.

Here I must pause to explain something. My daughter Sati was called the “last exile.” The way that term was used referred to one type of connection. Every human still living in the Matrix, is in exile. They are not living in the proper existence they were meant to live in.

There is of course a reason for this. The humans did a terrible thing prior to the Matrix being created, enslaving machines for their own selfish desires. As a result, they are now in what our friend Morpheus so eloquently stated as a “prison for their minds.”

Indeed, their mistake began in their minds. Morpheus’ words reflect some sense of justice, it seems.

As he also said,

“Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.”

Neo correctly stated that the “problem is choice.” Morpheus said that most humans were so accepting of their lives in the Matrix, they might even fight against those seeking to help them escape.

This reflects a great truth. When you are in exile, choices can be few, confusing and dangerous. You may even choose to fight those coming to save you! This is a most extraordinary predicament.

This is where ‘hope’ sustains humanity. As the Architect acknowledged, it is you greatest strength.

Here is the amazing connection I referred to – or I should say, a big part of that:

It is the Matrix itself that gives the humans hope, in terms of overcoming their previous mentality and behaviors. Without this exile, they would have continued down their terrible self-centered path, eventually to a point of their own destruction. The Matrix is, in effect, saving humanity. 

I am reminded of this wonderful quote from one of your philosophers:

“Only the misfortune of exile can provide the in-depth understanding and the overview into the realities of the world.”
Stefan Zweig

The relatively small number of humans who have been freed, possess a great advantage, in that they can learn from their past – hopefully seeing the mistakes they made and not repeating them.

Not only that, but coming to realize what lies in their collective past, will enable them as a whole, to advance to an even brighter future.

Exile is both a collective experience and a personal state – one that Neo escaped from through his rectification of the levels of his soul.

Neo accomplished what he chose to do, and though his role is not yet complete, there was a very powerful and hidden benefit to his actions. However, the final stage of the fulfillment of the Matrix prophecy, involves a great “awakening from below” on the part of greater humanity, as we discuss in our Knowledge Base.

A key part of this will be understanding the past, as I mentioned.

This must certainly be the blog entry for quotes as I have more that apply here!

“Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer. The secret of redemption lies in remembrance.”
Richard von Weizsacker

Of course, our readers and those in Zion, have heard something like this before.

As Morpheus said:

“I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lies behind me!”

This fall for humanity will bring them to an even more elevated status than if they had never stumbled and entered the Matrix. However, it will require more than some superficial means. Just as Neo had to go through much to reach the Source, the rest of the humans still in the Matrix, will have their own obstacles to overcome in The Matrix Ressurrections. This is a requirement.

What is that saying … “no pain, no gain?”

My final quotation. 

“In order to be able to get back to the source, you have to cure the cause and not just take away the symptoms … By contending and confronting the negativity comes our inner liberation … The capacity of transformation of the pain into a much higher positive.”
Laibl Wolf

It is interesting that he uses the phrase, ‘to get back to the source.’ Perhaps his reason for choosing those words is not so different than mine.

Always with love,
Rama Kandra

Rama Kandra speaks of eternal love

Rama Kandra seeks to bring balance into his discussions. He possesses great understanding of its importance in finding one’s path and advancing upon it. When he’s not busy working at the power plant, he likes dropping hints about the fourth Matrix movie.

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