I would like to return now to a favorite subject of mine, a type of connection which I call ‘pairings.’

If you recall the dialogue I had with Neo about the subject of ‘love,’ his view at the time was limited to the idea of human emotion. I advised him that it was a word and that what matters is the connection the word implies.

There are perhaps an infinite number of connections one can imagine. Pairings require two things that have a purpose for being present within the same existence. With regard to my chat with Neo, those two elements were Trinity and himself.

Without a doubt, the connection between them is one of the most important in the Matrix story. It is a beautiful one, beginning as what we may call a working relationship, that became a friendship, and then love.

The deep concept they represent together, that of the “spiritual groom and bride,” and what this pairing causes, is a matter discussed in our Knowledge Base.

There are other relationships in the story of course. Of course, without my wife, Kamala, there is no Sati. This is another aspect of pairings – they produce a third, often more complex, entity.

Sometimes that result is more abstract, as with what the connections between Neo and Trinity accomplished. Other times it is more direct, as with Kamala and myself who produced Sati. Though as I have mentioned, we have not seen her reach her potential yet.

If you go back to my train station discussion with Neo, I introduced Kamala and myself, in this manner:

“I’m the power plant systems manager for recycling operations. My wife is an interactive software programmer, she is highly creative.”

With all of the action and interesting dialogue in these movies, it is easy to imagine that our two job descriptions would go by without much notice. Most certainly, recycling and programming do not sound like the most glamorous professions!

However, things in the Matrix are not always as they appear. One must look past what is presented on the outside, to get to the inner essence.

Everything from the first three movies is the foundation for the coming fourth Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections.

Kamala and I are both complex programs in that we integrate opposites. Consider her occupation. Computer programs follow set rules. Yet, she is known for being creative, a concept not usually associated with strictness. The left and right, brought together.

I too must function with great accuracy in managing systems at a power plant. There are rules which must be followed or great damage may occur. Yet, recycling has a dimension of creativity as well, such as the idea of taking something old and recreating it into something even greater. 

Kamala and I also function in the capacity of “moving forward.” Like the Oracle, our concern is about the future. This is reflected in how we chose to bring our daughter into the Matrix. This was not only for her future – but for everyone’s. That and my pairing with Kamala are most significant and one of the many secrets of the Matrix.

The traits you find in each of us will find great synergy in Sati as an adult. They are part of what will enable her to do what she is here to do.

Always with love,
Rama Kandra

Rama Kandra speaks of eternal love


Rama Kandra seeks to bring balance into his discussions. He possesses great understanding of its importance in finding one’s path and advancing upon it. When he’s not busy working at the power plant, he likes dropping hints about the fourth Matrix movie.

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