Hello my friends.

I have a bit of a confession to make. It involves my conversation with Neo, in The Matrix Revolutions, concerning my daughter, Sati. As you may recall, I explained to him that my reason for sending her away was that she was a program without a purpose and faced deletion.

I am afraid this was not entirely true. However, I am not guilty of any infraction, as it was imperative at the time, that I did not reveal the true intention of Sati’s journey into the Matrix world. This was something that had to be kept secret from everyone.

If you read my blog from last November, I posed three questions that we would be addressing in our Knowledge Base in the future. We have those articles in place now.

They were:

  • Was there a more significant reason for Sati descending into the Matrix world?
  • If Sati represents a positive force, why did the Merovingian allow her to go into the Matrix?
  • Would she have anything to do with the final destruction of the Matrix? How? What would that lead to?

What I can now tell you about these things is this:

  • Sati was brought into the Matrix with a unique, “higher-level” connection. This will be instrumental in the fulfillment of the famous prophecy that Morpheus spoke of in the first movie. She will have many answers for the humans, that no one else has.
  • If the Merovingian knew what she was, he would have never allowed her to survive. This is similar to how Neo was able to get by the scrutiny of the Agents. We have details about this concept in the Matrix Resurrections articles in the Knowledge Base.
  • Sati’s connection to the people will help enable them to overcome their deficiencies which will make the Matrix no longer necessary. This is the great secret about why the Matrix exists. More on this later!

While I am thinking of it, we recently added an article giving some insight into the relationship between Sati and her friend, the Oracle. Read this carefully as it is important information. Write to me if you have questions.

This week we experienced more excitement over the Matrix than we have in many years. The movie trailer has given much joy to people and created wonderful discussions.

It is especially exciting to see what one of the most discussed topics is on the Internet. Everyone is wondering if the actress Priyanka Chopra is playing the role of Sati. Again, I refer you to the article I mentioned above as it reveals a connection that you likely are not aware of.

If you recall, in that blog post regarding Priyanka Chopra, I expressed some thoughts on this matter. One step at a time, we are making connections that will reveal the deepest insights found in the Matrix. I am anxious to share more over the months ahead, as we move closer to that mysterious date of 12.22.21.

Always with love,
Rama Kandra

Rama Kandra speaks of eternal love

Rama Kandra seeks to bring balance into his discussions. He possesses great understanding of its importance in finding one’s path and advancing upon it. When he’s not busy working at the power plant, he likes dropping hints about the fourth Matrix movie.

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