Hello all!

Well, here we are – less than one year to go to The Matrix Resurrections. There’s going to be a lot of chatter on the Internet as we get closer. More wild theories and predictions. Our ‘money’ is on the story following the same kabbalistic path as the first three films.

On that note, our Knowledge Base is up to 50 articles. The newest features are related to Matrix 4 and where it’s heading. We’ve gone deep into the past to reveal what the future holds!

We will add more to the Knowledge Base through 2021. We’re beginning work on “Phase 2” of this project called The M-Files. Whereas The X-Files said “The truth is out there,” we’re going with, “The truth is IN here.”

What we’re doing is “turning things around” and bring the kabbalistic concepts of The Matrix back into “real life.” We’re calling that, “Matrix FOR humans!”

The M-Files is going to be as unpredictable as the aforementioned television show. We’re going to have cetegories on culture, self-improvement, deeper mystical concepts and more.

Covid 19 bumped our plans for podcasts and videos out a bit, but they’re coming this summer.

Also, our Character Blogs are continuing this winter. Watch for new insights from the Oracle, Morpheus and Rama Kandra (who tends to give out a lot of clues!)

This summer should be absolute madness as the Matrix advertising hits. Take the time to go through the Knowledge Base. Your perspective on the movies and life will never be the same. (And you will be able to impress your friends with your deep insights!)

To help you keep warm, we’re offering 30 percent off all our coffee mugs in our shop over the winter. We recently doubled the number of original designs!  Look for new sales this spring and all year round.

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Peace is Wholeness,
The M4H Team

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