Hello all!

Well, well. Here we are only 8 WEEKS AWAY from The Matrix Resurrections. It looks like the movie will run 2 hours and 20 minutes, so this is going to be a LOT of fun!

The trailer itself didn’t give much away. (They rarely do, but WE do!) People were confused by some things with the Morpheus character. (Is he an agent? Um … no.) We address this in an article in our new “Matrix Musings” section.

Matrix Musings are short, easy-to-read articles, that touch on themes that we expand on in the Knowledge Base. This is a good place for anyone to start reading and/or share material with friends who aren’t ready to dive into the deeper study aspects of this site.

We were delighted to see Priyanka Chopra in the trailer, in what will be the role of a grown-up Sati. We’ve been teaching about WHY Sati will be returning for years. Several of our articles and blogs discuss this. Do a site search on ‘Sati’ and have fun!

Speaking of Priyanka Chopra, she had the best quote in the more recent Legacy featurette that Warner Bros released. Her comment that the Matrix is about ‘consciousness’ is essentially what Matrix4Humans is all about. We have a couple of articles dedicated to this in Matrix Musings. 

After a hiatus of several months, our Character Blogs have returned. They give three unique perspectives on aspects of the Matrix films. You can write questions to any of them from their blog pages.

BIG NEWS ... We have scheduled the evenings for our 2021 Matrix Zoom Conference & Movie Nights. (Monday evenings. December 6, 13, 20) News and updates will be posted at Matrix4Human.com/zoom.

Be sure to check out our original design Matrix-theme merchandise in our online store at behanu.com.  To celebrate the movie trailer we are offering 20 percent off everything! Use code TRAILER at the checkout.

Please let your friends know about this project. We depend on you to get the word out – especially with 8 weeks to go!

Peace is Wholeness,
The M4H Team

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