Hello all!

As of this entry, we are at M-minus 25 weeks to The Matrix Resurrections on December 22, 2021!

As Tank said to Neo in the first movie,

Damn, it’s a very exciting time!

Despite a number of Covid-related issues, we’re moving forward with the M4H project. We now have 53 articles, 21 character blog entries and 4 posts in the new “The M-Files” section.

Some of the latest files are getting into some very deep kabbalistic concepts. We’re going to go further down the rabbit holes with each new post.

As always, we advise starting at the beginning. We are building the Knowledge Base up, “step by step.” This IS above all, a course of study.

All ideas, comments, and questions are welcome. Send them to us at info@Matrix4Humans.com

We FINALLY purchased a camera, microphone, mic stand, backdrop and props — we’re setting up the studio (OK, it’s a spare bedroom) and plan to start popping out videos and podcasts in the weeks ahead.

Be sure to check out our original design Matrix-theme T-shirts, tank tops, baseball shirts, beach towels and much more, in our online store at behanu.com. 

As always, sign up for the Newsletter. ALL emails are being entered into a monthly drawing for merchandise from our store!

Please let your friends know about this project. We depend on you to get the word out.

Peace is Wholeness,
The M4H Team

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