The Oracle – Mother Of Change

The culmination of our “Four C’s” – change – is mentioned at the final lesson at the end of The Matrix Revolutions:

Architect: You’ve played a very dangerous game.
Oracle: Change always is.

We Knew It All Along

We now come to the fourth stage in our cycle as follows – the ‘goal’ of the process:

  1. Condition
  2. Choice
  3. Connection
  4. Change

That short exchange between the Oracle and Architect shown above serves as a confirmation of her role in the story.

The Oracle, “the sefirah of Binah” (Understanding) is the catalyst to change – the instigator of the four-stage process we’ve discussed. This includes change on the individual level as well as on the greater Matrix level.

She was doing this from the very beginning, behind the scenes. Note in her first conversation, where she says to Neo:

 You’ll remember you don’t believe in any of this fate crap.

This was something Neo had only revealed to Morpheus in private. This shows how well she knew him (and others).

But why quote these words back to him?

As we discussed earlier, the Oracle not only told Neo what he needed to hear, she did it using whatever techniques were best to prompt him toward the choices he had to make. Even a little “reverse psychology.”

This is how she “unbalances the equation” with the humans she encounters. In every case, it is for their benefit, even if seems confusing or contradictory at times.

Recall Morpheus’ words to her in The Matrix Revolutions:

After everything that’s happened, how can you expect me to believe you?

Morpheus, of all people, should have recalled that ‘belief’ is not based on understanding, as the latter is always limited to one’s present perspective.

The Oracle hinted to this on two occasions:

No one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand, and I mean no one

Change Creates Your New Condition

As mentioned, change results in a new condition to enter that could not have manifested at the previous level.

Neo had to undergo several of these cycles before the Oracle presented him with the final condition of The Matrix Revolutions. He challenged her on why he wasn’t told ‘everything’ from the very beginning.

She reminded him of the path of “knowing” (connection) and then brought him to his new condition:

Neo: Then why didn’t you tell me about the Architect? Why didn’t you tell me about Zion, the Ones before me – why didn’t you tell me the truth?
Oracle: Because it wasn’t time for you to know (connect).
Neo: Who decided it wasn’t time?
Oracle: You know who.
(She points at the “Temet Nosce” sign above the door.)
Neo: I did. … Then I think it’s time for me to know (connect to) a few more things.
Oracle: So do I.

This process, which manifested through the first three movies with Neo, must next occur on a greater scale.  There must be what is called in kabbalah, an “arousal from below,” of the humans still lost in the Matrix. They can then begin taking the steps necessary to attain their new condition – freedom. They will then get help from ‘beyond,’ as Neo did.

We say ‘new condition’ and not “returning to the old,” as the coming reality will not be as it was before at any point. The next movie will take us into a new level of existence for humans, programs and machines – a “new heaven and new earth,” if you will. 

Following this article, we enter into some deeper concepts of kabbalah as they relate to the Matrix.


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