Kid and Balance

The character known simply as “Kid” (played by Clayton Watson) in The Matrix Revolutions, particularly exemplifies the attribute of Netzach. On an interpersonal level, Netzach is what gives a person “the nerve” to go up to someone to introduce themselves, ask how they can help, give information, etc.

Kid has no problem doing that. He’s going to be there when you need him too, ready to jump into the fray.

In such a situation,  the “counter sefirot” of Hod (on the left, across from Netzach) is the ability to calculate when it is appropriate to speak/act, what to say/do, how to say/do it, and at times, when to “get lost.”

Someone whose Netzach is not in balance with Hod could have “boundary issues,” such as getting into someone’s personal space, or not restraining their speech. (i.e., TMI – “too much info!”)

This is Kid’s primary ‘problem’ with those around him. He means well, but he can be obnoxious.

The Plan in ActionMatrix Kid analysis

In kabbalah, Netzach and Hod are compared to the legs of a person, which “get you where you need to go.”

They also work in unison more than the arms do on a person. Most people tend to favor one arm/hand over the other.

If you think of them working along with the Sefirot above them, you can view the “saving of the dock” scene as follows, with Kid acting in the role of Netzach and beyond.

Analysis (based on intellect above)

  • Chesed on the right, proactively states, “We have to save the dock.” (No details.) This is like the saying, “He who hesitates is lost.”
  • Gevurah reacts by judging, “The Hammer with its EMP could do that. But there are risks.” (“Begin with the end in mind” – another Stephen Covey “7 Habits” concept.) This is like the counter-saying, “Look before you leap.”
  • Tiferet balances out the plusses and minuses regarding opening the gate in this manner.

Detail (putting the idea into a specific plan of/for action)

  • Netzach (Kid) determines he has to get into the APU and charge the gate
  • He then employs Hod in calculating and understanding what he needs to overcome to do this
  • Yesod then synthesizes all the factors and he readies itself to get the gate open


  • Malkhut is where the action takes place: Kid moves forward in a specific manner and opens the gate.

This entire process often goes on in our lives without us realizing it. Another take on this is Stephen Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which mirrors the seven lower emanations.


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