At the time I write this, we are only forty weeks away from the Matrix 4 release. If I may borrow a phrase from our old friend Tank, Damn, it’s a very exciting time!

As we approach the summer months, there will, without doubt, be increasing interest in all things Matrix-related. And with that, we might expect to see even more theories regarding the Matrix story, past and future. As I mentioned in my first blog entry, I have my doubts that Smith is “the One” or that Neo and the John Wick movie character are one and the same.

I believe a number of people may be “somewhat disappointed” when their ideas do not come to fruition. There’s nothing wrong with using one’s imagination of course, but when predictions have no basis to them, then one random guess is as good, or bad, as another.

Now they do say, when it comes to things like picking stocks, that “past performance is not indicative of future results.”  This is quite true, however, if you’ve been reading the material on the Matrix4Humans site, you have the advantage of understanding what has really been behind the Matrix story so far.

That being the case, there’s a fair chance that the next phase of the saga, might just follow along the same path as the source concepts. 

Using that logic, and a little imagination of course, perhaps we can come up with our own “Matrix 4 theory.” Naturally, it’s not one likely to grace the pages of “Screen Rant” or other entertainment news sources. Unless of course, they’ve recently hired some mystics or started a section on kabbalah.

We’ve addressed some of the likely major themes in the Knowledge Base articles (and hinted at others). I’ve grouped some of them together.

Here are 7 ideas to use as a “launching pad.”

  1. Neo dying in Matrix Revolutions was necessary as it enables him to do more than when he was alive.
  2. The ‘prophecy’ remains 100 percent true. Some of the Matrix fan base is forgetting to heed the Oracle’s words on “what we cannot understand, and why.”
  3. There are two main stages to human redemption, with an interim period of considerable length, according to kabbalah. This parallels the Matrix story and our having to wait for the conclusion. 
  4. At the end of Matrix Revolutions, the light from the Source that came through Neo, permeated the entire Matrix. No one had access to this light before this. 
  5. Expect an increase in the importance of female characters in Matrix 4 as we are approaching the 7th cycle which corresponds to Malkhut, which is feminine, following the 6 cycles of the One. 
  6. There was much more to Sati’s descent into the Matrix than what Rama Kandra revealed to Neo. In fact, her future role is central – though she may grow up a bit!
  7. The other ‘bad guy’ in the story, the Merovingian, has a very different destiny than Agent Smith, based on what each represents in the kabbalistic scheme. Remember, old ‘Merv’ was once like Neo.

I’ll add one more bit of truth. It’s from a scene cut from The Matrix Revolutions:

Truth is … the path of the One is made by the many. – The Oracle

As the Oracle said to Neo, we’re all in this together. I have no doubt there will be a great “awakening from below.” It’s required. We’re all connected at a deep level.

I would love to hear what you think might occur, based on the above factors. Please reach out to me. We have an entire spring and summer to ponder.

Be sure to check our “Matrix 4” section in the Knowledge Base as we have several new articles coming out in the months ahead!

The choice is yours. The honor is mine.

Morpheus talks about if the One failed in his mission


Morpheus is a teacher, martial arts trainer and above all, a man of great faith. He never lets anything get in the way – physically or mentally. His approach is always one of being pro-active and enabling a person’s boundless imagination. 

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