Welcome. At last, we have come to the time I have imagined for some 18 years – the Matrix Resurrections is here! Along with my friends, the Oracle and Rama Kandra, I have been asked to write something about the Matrix4Humans conference coming up in early December. As you might expect, my approach to this is centered around belief and imagination. 

Before I say more about this event, I’d like to address the issues of my character bearing a new image in The Matrix Resurrections. I encourage you to remember everything I have shared with you thus far. As with all of the characters in the Matrix, Morpheus represents certain aspects of the Matrix and of humanity. 

I would say that one of my dominant attributes relates to connection and synergy — helping those in the Matrix world of concealment make the transition to all that lies beyond it. And when I say “all,” there is much more than what was shown in the first three movies.

Do you remember when the Oracle told Neo, that without me, everyone would be lost? Have you ever wondered what that might mean? I’d like you to pause for a moment and consider the very concept of ‘wondering’ about something – using one’s imagination.

Some may consider using the imagination as something where no limitations exist in any way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Imagination without a framework isn’t going to get you far. It’s like a senseless dream or a toddler scribbling all over a paper with a crayon.

This may sound very basic, but every person who has accomplished something by launching his or her imagination has done so with relation to an existing framework. Be it a musician using notes and cords, a scientist experimenting with formulas, or an athlete functioning within the constructs of their sport.

Proactive creativity requires the reactive side of boundaries to result in something meaningful. If you would like a real-world (and imaginative!) view of this, be sure to read our article on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.

Covey taught that the first Habit was like a ‘programmer’ (proactively creating) and the second Habit like the ‘program’ (the rules/restrictions of the code). The third Habit is the execution of the program.

This is what I taught Neo. There were rules of the Matrix that could be bent or even broken. He became powerful by learning those rules and how to manipulate them.

Do you remember when I told him that his problem was not his technique? This is exactly what I was alluding to.

However, the only way Neo would truly learn the rules to the degree he needed to, was to go out and engage with the entities that represented them. As our friend Seraph said, you don’t truly KNOW someone until you fight them. Every barrier he faced, was there for him to overcome. They were necessary.

All of this brings me to the conference we are approaching. The frameworks and guidance offered are there to stimulate everyone’s proactive, creative mind. Matrix story. But you have to be willing to take the red pill. It was only when someone could see what the Matrix truly was, that they could begin to think and act beyond those boundaries.

The material we are presenting will cause you to think beyond the limitations of the movie script – outside what some call the “Matrix canon.” 

It is in reality a return to the Source of those things.

This may all sound confusing. As with the Matrix story, you have to be shown in order to grasp the depth and beauty of this. You will find what you need at Matrix4Humans.com/zoom.

The choice is yours. The honor is mine.

Morpheus talks about if the One failed in his mission


Morpheus is a teacher, martial arts trainer and above all, a man of great faith. He never lets anything get in the way – physically or mentally. His approach is always one of being pro-active and enabling a person’s boundless imagination. 

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