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Let’s review the flow of the first four verses:

  1. The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.
  2. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine.
  3. Because of the fragrance of your goodly oils, your name is ‘oil poured forth.’ Therefore, the maidens loved you.
  4. Draw me, we will run after you; the king brought me to his chambers. We will rejoice and be glad in you. We will recall your love more fragrant than wine; they have loved you sincerely.



“The concept of geula b’rachamim (a merciful redemption) … Rachamim (compassion, mercy) actually is a revelation of the higher reality – the source of all the things, that ends up uniting opposites. Usually, we talk about rachamim in relation to the Sefirah of Tiferet – a perfect blend of Chesed and Gevurah … Tiferet finds the common ground between Chesed and Gevurah and harmonizes it and blends it. Tiferet as rachamim manifests through it … It’s actually the revelation of the Source that’s beyond both of them that’s bringing all of the things into existence. When we’re asking for rachamim we’re asking for the revelation of the higher Source of where everything is coming from – we see through all the coverings and the stringencies, and you understand the soul processes that are playing out and what’s going, and you can turn face to face with what’s really happening from the perspective of the soul and the needs of the soul.”
Ani Lipitz, “Helping Each Other Through the Home Stretch” (Stream of 1.16.24)

1:5 I am black but comely, O daughters of Jerusalem! Li

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