Draft 1.1

June 13, 2023

This will be a multifaceted Torah project, unlike anything ever done before. There are multiple parts, and it is very likely we will add even more. The overall purpose is to reveal the unique spiritual dimensions of this generation, in order to be ready for what Hashem has to bestow, and to encourage and help others deal with the increasingly difficult physical aspects of the world.


The “center piece” to the project is the book of Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs). Why? Because this mysterious text is central to the unique aspects of our time as mentioned above. There are other groups also focused on this, including that led by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, who posted on Facebook, that now is time to teach Shir Hashirim to everyone, Jew and non-Jew.

Our plan is to create a unique type of commentary that will:

  1. Find, include and ‘coordinate’ the “best of the best” ideas already on the internet (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  2. Go deeper into the text, connecting its spiritual concepts in distinctive ways, to “create new Torah,” relating to our world, this present generation, and life in general.
  3. Connect the above to ‘secular’ ideas found in psychology, social movements, entertainment and more. The purpose of this is to:
    1. Show how human thought in all areas of life is grounded in the singularity of our Creator of the Torah
    2. Help increase the influence of Torah within the “non-religious”


This goes well beyond the standard definition and use of this term.

  1. It is a spiritual truth that when two or more study Torah together, each will learn more, and faster, and have more to offer the world, than operating apart. The more people who engage with the project, the more amazing it will be.
  2. On a mystical note, our path back to G-d (the individual and that of all creation) follows a specific path ‘through’ a level of unity –known as the collective consciousness, soul level of Chaya and world of Atzilut (‘nearness’ to G-d). The idea of “two or more gathering,” takes on much more power in this generation – according to the design of Hashem.
  3. The team will have a common goal and easy means to meet (Facebook & Zoom)


This part of the project includes:

  • Form a core team to help revise this initial plan draft and organize the best means to publicize what we are doing and to recruit the right helpers.
  • Form a specific team to work on creating “our own commentary” on the text.
    • Team will use the Devekut group and/or Zoom Rooms to discuss themes from the text, then search the Internet for interesting ideas on those themes from kosher sources, including articles, videos, etc.
    • Anyone not part of the dedicated team can still help with this part at their leisure.
  • The prerequisites to helping are, 1.) understanding that this work is within the framework of Jewish-Torah understanding, and 2.) You can read and type.
  • Develop a mechanism for reviewing and coordinating these ideas, including but not limited to use of our Facebook Devekut group and Zoom Room. We will analyze these and add our own unique concepts, and bring them into the commentary we are creating.
  • We will use AI technology to come up with innovative thoughts to provoke discussion and new research ideas.


  • Develop meditations from themes emanating from our Shir Hashirim study. This may prove more beneficial than we can presently imagine.
  • Engage in group meditations in our Zoom Rooms. These will be open for anyone wishing to attend.
  • Record these to place on youtube.


These are some initial general themes that relate directly or indirectly to the text of Shir Hashirim. We will combine these ideas with specific themes from the text of Shir Hashirim itself.

As we do this, we will add to the commentary as well as “spin off” articles, videos, podcasts, Zoom panel dicussions, etc., and provide ideas for the Meditation portion of the project. See ‘Meditation’ below.

Here are some initial ideas for themes to ponder as we examine and discuss the text of Shir Hashirm. (They are in no specific order).

People can jump in with more themes to help expand at any time:

  • Elevation of the feminine
    • End of the temporary construct since Genesis 3:16
    • Positive and distorted aspects in our societies
  • Exile:
    • Of Israel
      • Cause, purpose and stages
    • Of humanity since Gan Edan
    • Of the soul
  • Jews, Judaism, Israel, in this generation
    • Antisemitism and its ‘purpose’
    • Erev Rav
  • Relationship of the Shekinah and the People
    • As relating to the ‘pull’ of the messianic era
    • Unification through the level of Chaya/Atzilut
  • The Path of Return to Singularity
    • Creation ‘longing’ for its source
    • The “New World Order”
    • Transgenderism and other current societal topics
  • Rise of ‘prophecy’
    • Kosher Definitions and Requirements
    • Tanakh (i.e., Joel chapter 2, Daniel 12:4, etc.) and other texts
    • Aspect of continually ‘dying’ to one’s present understanding
    • Preparing ‘vessels.’ Importance of group study and meditation
  • Evil, the Sitra Achra, Yetzer Hara, Levels of Deception
    • Categories of Negative forces
      • Issues related to Fear and Desire
      • Overt & Covert influences
      • Midrashic views of Purim and Hanukah
    • Difficulties caused in a person, in the world
    • The “good and bad” sides of modern ‘Messianic’ movements
  • Transition into the Messianic era
    • Messianic era vs. Olam Haba (more transition aspects)
  • Understanding news headlines in relation to spiritual forces & changes


For now we need people (you can help with as many as you wish):

  1. To actively work on aspects of the commentary (with support)
  2. To work with Luke on the meditation aspect
  3. With skills in video editing
  4. With skills related to AI/ChatGPT, etc.

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