The Way of Ascent Meditation Zoom Videos

NOTES (Updated 6.17.23)

  • The first session did not record properly, so this begins with #2
  • Session 2 did not have a camera working so you will only see slides
  • Session 3 is where we finally get our act together!
  • The ‘official’ part of each session is for the first hour or so of the recording (through the meditation and follow up chat). In some cases we kept recording the open discussions. (These are the ones at 2+ hours)
  • Session 5 did not record the first few minutes (nothing important lost)
  • We will be re-doing all of these ‘professionally’ in the future, turning each into a 20-30 min video


Session 2 Ruach of Nefesh

Session 3 Neshama of Nefesh

Session 4 Chaya of Nefesh


Session 5 Nefesh of Ruach

Session 6 Ruach of Ruach

Session 7 Neshama of Ruach

Session 8 Chaya of Ruach


Session 9 Nefesh of Neshama

Session 10 Ruach of Neshama

Session 11 Neshama of Neshama

Session 12 Chayah of Neshama


Session 13 Nefesh of Chayah

Session 14 Ruach of Chayah

Session 15 Neshama of Chayah

Session 16 Chayah of Chayah

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