SLIDE 1 Nov 11 – Auspicious day for me from 1988.  Also my AOL ventures from 1990-1995

4-part evening:

  • Reasons for this project – spiritual ‘behind the scenes’ (purpose and timing)
  • Who, what, when, where, how, why, about the Project
  • A look at some of the major themes in our background articles (how deep the rabbit hole goes)
  • Open chat

SLIDE 2 PREMISE:  We’re starting very conceptual and will go to more practical …

  1. Quote: Getting behind the surface of (spiritual) things as to function, purpose, how we relate.MASK of SHS: no commands, teachings, history, genealogy, not even a mention of G-d (like Esther!)
  2. We should all live like the redemption is tomorrow. Though ‘guessing’ at dates is not correct, being aware the Hashem has a timeline is OK. Being aware that there is a “time for everything” (Solomon!) and G-d always gives what is needed (which ties back to the quote from V) and understanding the function or purpose is important for us connecting and aligning

On that note, what is being discussed within certain circles:

  1. This generation is unique not in the usual sense the each generation is of course unique but that this one is unique as related to all others being similar. It will have unique properties related to spiritual connectivity (mentioned above) as Hashem always provides what is needed, on time.
  2. Two things said of these days (direct from Torah) are, Many will travel to and fro (Dan 12:4) and prophecy will flow from many. But what do either of those two things mean?
  3. WHO is involved is the collective of Jews and Gentiles. (Rabbi Ginsburgh)

What’s this Shir Hashirim Project got to do with this? … we will get behind the mask with this project.

SLIDE 3 Related Themes to the Project

This is called a PROJECT as there is much more to it than the looking at the text of Shir Hashirim.

  • Idea: There are unique aspects to our generation that apply to the text and HOW to deal with it.
  • Idea … Shir Hashirim itself is telling us how to prepare ourselves. The very idea of this text being the “last” to remove the mask from, presents itself in the text

There are two CONECTING & CONNECTED aspects to this.

  • Arousal from Below

Normally we think of Hashem as the proactive side of things, with us as receiving from Him. What we’re talking about here is Flipping roles. From reactive/feminine to proactive/masculine. To get to the redemption, will require this change in perspective. How is this seen in the text of Shir Hashirim?

2.) Collective (at a whole new level) is required.


As we head ‘back’ to our Source, we follow a reverse path, the corresponds to the words of existence as they unfolded. Again … How is this seen in the text?


SLIDE 4 Aspects of the Project: Now to get to the avodah – the work involved. How anyone can be part of this.



  • No time commitments. Only ‘schedules’ will be around zoom rooms
  • No end to the project. No set time on verses. We will be going back/revising continually.
  • More Torah resources have appeared in this generation than all previous combined. Why?
  • I started looking at the any books, web pages, blogs, articles, videos, etc. out there
  • Found that info was not always under the name of SHS or SOS (verse index)
  • Look in topic/theme index too (exile, feminine/shekinah, etc.)
  • Finding hidden connections between the separate resources. “Imagination”. Come up with your own ideas and develop them – if not sure, save for later! Keep notebook as there is another part of this project!
  • Much is still to be ‘revealed’ (refer back to Dan 12:4 relates to SHS now)
  • Forming teams/study buddies. Painting the picture through research and our own ideas

CREATION: Ideas for creating meditations we form & conduct


  • Daniel 12:4 relates to SHS via Meditation! Cycle of meditation and study
  • Creating a small group to work with Luke
  • Brainstorming themes from the text (in zoom rooms, FB group)
  • Designing meditations around this
  • Presenting to group in Zooms
  • Music or Art? (for zooms slides)
  • Using AI?


PROMOTION: Getting the word out online on the project


  • We need a coordinated effort across SM platforms
  • Both for general interest and people to be involved
  • TAG TEAM – gets the word out when luke or I post


AUTHORING: (co)writing articles related to study themes


  • This is where it gets even more interesting
  • Daniel 12:4 reads to AND from. We bring it back into the complexity of the world
  • Not just for ourselves but with others; relationships, culture, psychology, creative works
  • Co-writing articles, doing podcasts, zoom rooms, making videos, etc.




  • Do you have very unique talent?
  • Music and Artwork (mentioned)
  • What else? (ask!) Use your imagination!

-#-#-#-#- BREAK AND CHAT -#-#-#-#-



These are all elaborated on in more detail on the website AND are part of what YOU can help expand and/or bring in dimensions of into the text study.


The main theme in the allegory of SHS is relationship. The most obvious one is between the male and female figures (and what they may represent). This is complex as in places they sound like lovers but are also called brother and sister and there is reference to their mutual ‘mother’.

There is also that of the female and the people she brings into the conversations. In some parts of the text, she seems to be self-reflective, while in others, she seems to cast blame on them.

We need to look deeper, further back and ask: Where does this concept of ‘relationship’ come from? What is behind this masculine-feminine dynamic?

The first place we see this is in Genesis, with the first couple made in something called “the Image of G-d.” This is not defined for us, yet it is clearly something that is already present when we encounter the verse. So we have an idea here that there is something ‘before’ the beginning.

This aspect of relationship is found in the first chapter of Genesis in three places:

  • Separation of light and dark Gen 1:4
  • The luminaries Gen 1:16
  • Adam and Chavah Gen 1:27

These three seem very different yet share something in common. And the commonality is fundamental to not only Shir Hashirim but the entire Bible and all of existence.

Let’s take a look …

SLIDE 6 DIAGRAM OF SEFIROT – not going too deep into this, suggest reading up on kosher sites, ASK ME

  • Everything in existence is patterned after G-d, specifically the Image of G-d which are attributes, emanations, sefirot, etc
  • The Tree (at every level of existence; physical, angelic, heavenly realm and beyond)
  • First key idea is a simple one; there are proactive and reactive aspects which = masculine-feminine
  • CLICK ABBA AND IMMA; Upper (image of G-d) left-right, sense of balance, mother-father
  • CLICK GROOM/BRIDE Lower (shir hashirim) top-bottom, sense of connection and purpose

This is reflected in the story behind the two Luminaries. SEPARATION (to be repaired). This comes into humanity with Adam/Chavah and the ‘curse’ put upon the feminine/Chavah


The Quote. It seems a type of praise for the text – which is odd enough. There is another dimension to this that relates to the actual holy of holies.

The Holy of Holies was the ‘closest’ point between man and G-d. Thus, the accolade given to the text implies it has a special if not similar closeness.




This is the other fundamental diagram of reality.

  • Explain top down from Ein Sof to us
  • Explain soul level back up
  • Tie everything back to the sefirot at Atzilut, beginning of existence (Chaya soul level)
  • Bottom 3 = creation and the 3 soul levels on an individual basis (more to come on that!)


  • The essence of a world is the world above it.
  • Knowledge of a world is revealed through the one below it.
  • Thus, we can learn of the unknowable preexistence from the level of Atzilut (Chaya soul level).
  • This also means Shir Hashirim (at the Holy of Holies level, we discussed) reveals aspect of the Olam Haba! More on this on slide 10.

PRDS example:

  • Pshat plain reading of text reveals (above it) there are hints at deeper (Remez)
  • Remez reveals (above it) that what you are reading is connected to everything else (Drash)
  • Drash reveals (above it) how the universe is run (Sod/Kabbalah)
  • Sod (kabbalah) reveals (above it) that something both surrounds and permeates with everything, yet does not mix with them.
  • This is the transcendent pre-existence, Yehidah, Chasidus, Torat Mashiach, Olam Haba, etc


Visual for the Holies Connection


Shekinah as Bride, Sister, Mother, Daughter

The path back/up (Atzilut level) and the timing (6th millennium into 7th) are converging.


First in His mind is last to come about.” This applies to the “bride and her return.” Shir Hashirim is all about this concept. It remains the most ‘mysterious’ in Scripture.
The ‘last’ to be ‘revealed fully.’ It is called the “holy of holies” of all the books, as it is the ‘closest’ to Hashem


Repeat example of using a theme to do both research and creating meditations and articles – i.e., the latter being ‘types of exile’ in our lives.

SLIDE 13 Contacts & dates

Open Discussion

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