The Source is only mentioned seven times over the four movies. (Five times in Reloaded and twice in Revolutions). This minimal reference reflects the hiddenness of whatever the Source is. What we are told is that it is the ‘destination’ for ‘The One,’ and that hoped-for connection will bring about a change in reality, ending the Matrix world. The Architect’s ‘revelations’ as we’re told by the Oracle are limited and thus inaccurate.

A tagline from The Matrix Resurrections marketing campaign was, “Return to the Source.” This reflects this idea of ‘beginning,’ the question now being, “beginning in what sense.”

Further, the path of the One toward the Source, takes Neo through a series of levels of expanded consciousness. First recognizing there is a Matrix, then learning of the overseeing programs, meeting the Oracle and finally the Architect. These all emanated from the Source, which indicates it permeates all aspects of the Matrix reality.

Finally, Neo’s journey has numerous steps. Along the way, there are many difficulties to overcome, all of which relate to attaining a new level of understanding. Neo has to give proper thought to each one, which ranges from his conversations to meditating in the Train Station. As the Oracle stated, “No one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand, and I mean no one.”

Thus, the Source has three aspects to it.

  1. It is the beginning of everything, this includes everything from the will to create the Matrix reality and the ‘levels’ within it
  2. It permeates all these levels of existence related to the Matrix
  3. It creates a process of return in terms of learning steps, giving us a sense of ‘time’


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