• Smith Creating the Unity resembling Atzilut (Eli’s notes)
  • Da’at’ to Know (Aish & Chabad)
  • Neo resurrecting Trinity (Eli’s notes)
  • Causality  Choice
  • Time Limit to the Matrix
  • Merv vs Sati (expanded)
  • Doors of Light – 4th level and movie
  • Matrix built for Sati (Eli’s notes)
  • The Architect chat
  • Oracle 3 discussions (progression)

Update Articles:

  • Neo as Messiah


Malchut wants to become similar to Bina and achieves this through Zeir Anpin (ZA). ZA is a model for her. Her being able to become similar to ZA indicates her ability to be similar to Bina.

The same applies to us. If I want to become like the Creator, I have to enter the group, become its integral part, participate together with everyone, influence everyone, and receive their influence in return. In such a mixing, in the connection between us, I acquire a new form of unification with others. Then the form that clothes me resembles the Creator.

In other words, if I clothe the group onto myself as if it were a garment, I, thus, am similar to the Creator.




Why Do I Need This Whole World?

Desire, And The Light Will Come

Unification Of The Souls = Equivalence To The Creator

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