UPDATE: September 20, 2022

We will be presenting a LOT of new information this year! Our 2022 Zoom Conference will be held around November-December.

Our conferences are FREE and open to all. Matrix4Humans never charges for anything we offer. Call us a collective consciousness resource!

For updates please either:


Over the course of 4 nights in November and/or December 2022, we will present the 4 Matrix films. As each movie is about 2 hours long, we will pause a few times to add insights and entertain questions. The admins will stick around after the film concludes for more discussion.

We’re working ahead of time to organize the material. What would benefit every attendee is reading material in our Knowledge Base and the new Resurrections articles section ahead of time, though this is not required.

This event, and all of our material, is 100 percent totally FREE. Invite your friends! This is strictly educational. We have been providing this type of information for 18 years.


We have been teaching the kabbalistic framework behind the Matrix movies since 2004. Beginning in local groups and websites, PalTalk chat rooms (2004-2010), Facebook groups (2010-present), and Zoom Conferences since 2016. What we talk about is not discussed anywhere else.

This is the real red pill.

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