UPDATE: November 17, 2022

Our 2022 Matrix Zoom Conference and Movie Nights Dates

  • November 26 – The Matrix
  • December 3 – Matrix Reloaded
  • December 10 – Matrix Revolutions
  • December 17 – Matrix Resurrections

All of these evenings begin at 8:00 pm Eastern (New York) time and run close to 4 hours. We will be presenting a LOT of new information this year, as we explore the deep kabbalistic origin of the Matrix series. We break up each movie into 4 sections with discussion in each break and after.

We will post the Zoom Room ID here a couple of days prior and in our facebook group. What we reveal is not found on any other Matrix site. This is the actual source of all the concepts found in the four movies. We let the Deja Vu Cat out of the bag!

Our conferences are FREE and open to all. Matrix4Humans never charges for anything we offer. Call us a collective consciousness resource!

For updates please either:

We’re working ahead of time to organize the material, including everything from The Matrix Resurrections. What would benefit every attendee is reading material in our Knowledge Base and the new Resurrections articles section ahead of time, though this is not required.

This event, and all of our material, is 100 percent totally FREE. Invite your friends! This is strictly educational.

We have been teaching the kabbalistic framework behind the Matrix movies since 2004 – With local groups, in PalTalk chat rooms (2004-2010), Facebook groups (2010-present), and Zoom Conferences since 2016. What we talk about is not discussed anywhere else.

This is the real red pill. Come free your mind!

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