We’ve been discussing the kabbalistic aspects of the Matrix since 1999 and on Facebook since 2009. We’ve also had Matrix Zoom Conferences since 2016. Here are a few of the comments we’ve received.

“The Matrix was that deep movie to me that had always been one of my favourites, but what I knew about it was barely scratching the surface. Matrix4Humans was entire dimensions of learning and exploring human nature and the journey of the soul. I would absolutely recommend it!”
— Nicholas Dookhran, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I knew the Matrix movie was more than just a movie to begin with. I had an immediate connection with all the intricacies. I was hooked from the start. Then I found the Matrix4Humans group and knew I had to follow the white rabbit. I’ve learned a great deal over the past few years and know there is still more to learn – and I’m ready!”
– Dee Hall, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

“Matrix4Humans is an indispensable guide full of important information for those of us who want to learn the depths of Kabbalah and how the movie “The Matrix” reveals this. Matrix4Humans takes the members on a wondrous journey of secrets that are all throughout the movies They have developed a wonderful must-be-viewed primer for anyone considering exploring the Kabbalah through the movie, The Matrix.”
— Dirk Myers, Madison Alabama

“The Matrix4Humans analysis of The Matrix movie series using the teachings of Kabbalah was life-changing for me. It was the introduction to both the mystical and metaphysical universe displayed within the movies. When I initially watched The Matrix, I knew there something more, and when I began reading the articles on their website, I was stunned at the deep level of knowledge and understanding being unpacked for the readers.”
— Damaris Solis, Staten Island, New York

“Matrix4Humans serves as a 21st century model filled with vivid stylized characters, presenting underlying concepts and ideas which fulfills the understanding of the purpose of life in this world – Highly recommended!”
– Varghese Kuriakose, Aukland New Zealand

“The information I learned through study the material from Matrix4Humans has not only increased my understanding and enjoyment of the Matrix trilogy, but it been a guide to increasing my spiritual life. The material presented here is not the same “run-of-the-mill” like everywhere else. It is packed with so much information and “food for thought” that you can’t just read it once and be done. You will come back for more because your mind and spirit will be intrigued. I can only imagine the time that was put into preparing all of this but I’m grateful it’s here in one location.”
— Diana Moore Caesar, Arlington, Texas

“This was everything I didn’t know I wanted to know about the Matrix movies. Some of the insights and connections to deeper concepts blew my mind. I will never see the movies or life the same again.”
– Rebecca Coffman, Rolla Missouri

“The Matrix4Humans project has really opened my eyes to seeing deeper themes and messages that flow throughout the Matrix film series. The characters, their growth, actions, and struggles all hold meanings that are tightly interwoven with understanding even oneself. I think this has made watching the films even more enjoyable because now I can see myself going through similar transformations as the characters I study on the screen.”
— Jesse Peyton Date, Fort Worth, Texas

“Taking part in my first Matrix conference was very illuminating. I was able to understand the concepts I couldn’t before. It helped me finalize a huge shift in understanding I really needed.”
– Brittney Thompson, Grand Junction, Colorado

“Since the first Matrix movie came out, I felt a deep connection to an underlying message. It ignited something within me to see the world in a different way. It wasn’t until I started studying the information provided by Matrix4Humans and participating in the movie conferences that I began to truly understand the depth of that connection that I felt to the movies. I now realize how this deeper Kabbalistic wisdom, which makes up the entire framework of these movies, can be applied to our own experience in daily life. It provides a map that enables us to better navigate the mysteries of the human experience and teaches that each of us is born into this world with a specific purpose only we can accomplish.”
— Luke Englund, Lucedale, Mississippi

“I have learned a lot of the connection between kabbalah concepts and The Matrix Trilogy, while taking part in these conferences and movie nights. I encourage anyone who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of such things, to become a part. It will truly enhance your life!”
– Teri Burgess, Radcliff, Kentucky

“The Matrix4Humans project has been a fascinating thought experiment from start to finish. The paradigm shift it is based upon has repeatedly helped me see old problems in new ways. It has been a great group learning experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys fusing existing frameworks to gain new insights.”
— Kendall Evans, Los Angeles, California

“I have found Matrix4Humans to have really brought me to a deeper awareness of how the world really works. I have learned a lot and there is still so much more for me to learn. This has been an enormous blessing.”
– Scott Wolfe, Providence Rhode Island

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