This chart presents a number of ideas from Torah in a fashion that shows a relationship between them based on the Four-letter Name of G-d. There are actually five parts to this Name when the top part of the first letter (called the “cusp” or “apex” of the Yod) is included. This is one of the two major ‘templates’ in the Tanakh, the other being the 10 Sefirot. The information presented here is from traditional Jewish sources. We are continually adding to this chart. If you have anything to add, send to 

Last updated 2.20.24

Level of Soul Yechidah Chayah Neshamah Ruach Nefesh 2
(Unity) (Life Force) (Breath) (Spirit) (Soul)
Tzimtzum & Creation Ohr Ein Sof The vacated space The straight Kav (Ray) into the vacated space The point at the center 3
(Light of Ein Sof) of tzimtzum of the vacated space
Worlds Adam Kadmon Atzilut Beriah Yetzirah Asiya 4
(Nearness) (Creation) (Formation) (Making)
Time Pre-existence “Existence” prior to Creation (Genesis 1:1) Genesis 1:1 up to Eden In Eden Post Eden 5
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning Elohim (created the) Heavens/Shamayim (and the) Earth 6
Concept / Name(s) Ehyeh YaH Elohim YHVH-Elohim YHVH (Adonai) 7
of G-d (Vocalization of YHVH) Including; EL, Elohim, Eloha, YHVH, YHVH Tzvaot, Elohim Tzvaout, El Chai, Shaddai
Sefirot Keter Chokmah Binah The six Middot of: Hesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod Malchut 8
(Further considered as upper and lower Keter.) Manifests as Da’at
Gematria of the Mochin 620 73 67 9
Plus “Da’at”
Aleph-Bet Aleph Bet Gimel and Hey Vav Dalet and Hey 10
(Bahir) (The hidden that holds back His light so it does not overwhelm creation) (That through which G-d first expresses Himself) (The hand that gives understanding to Wisdom and ability to convey wisdom to another) (That which connects the upper Hey to the lower Hey) (The hand which [only] receives)
Partzufim (personae) Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days) and Arikh Anpin, (Long Face or Great Face, the Infinitely Patient One) Abba (Father) Imma Ila’ah (Supernal Mother), “Jerusalem above,” the source of souls, “Upper Shekinah,” Leah Ze’er Anpin (the “small face” or “impatient one”), Son, Groom, King, Metatron, Zion, Jacob, Joseph Nukvah (female) Daughter, Bride, “Lower Mother,” “Lower Wisdom,” Jerusalem, (Lower) Shekinah, Rachel 11
Spiritual Emanation Sefirot Archangels / Seraphim Angels (Shedim) 12
System of G-d relating to man or man to man (1) “Idea Pool” Contraction Expansion Extension Expansion 13
(Pre formation of the idea) (Core idea) (of initial concept) (to bring down) (disseminating the idea)
System of G-d relating to man or man to man (2) Pure concept of giving The Gift The hand that gives The arm that stretches out to give The hand that receives 14
Level of Man relating to G-d (Based on Genesis 25:19) Higher Fear (Awe) Higher Love Lower Love Lower Fear 15
Cause-Effect Relationship between Cause Similarity-Giving Differentiation-Withholding Synthesis-Measured Giving Effect 16
G-d and Creation
Four Forces of Nature Strong Force Weak Force Electromagnetism Gravity 17
(Unified Field Theory)
Space-Time Past Future Three-dimensional space continuum 18
Hebrew title for (level of) “person” Adam Gever Enosh Ish 19
Five Gardens of Jacob’s Ladder (Toledano tradition) Upper face of Atzilut Upper face of Beriah and lower face of Atzilut Upper face of Yetzirah and lower face of Beriah Upper face of Asiya and lower face of Yetzirah Lower face of Asiya 20
Book of Torah Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy 21
Creation of Adam “And He called their name man” “And the Almighty created man in His Image” “And He blew into his nostrils the soul of life” “And man became a living soul (a speaking ruach)” “And Hashem formed the man from the dust of the ground” 22
B’nei Israel Mashiach High Priests Priests Levites Israelites 23
High Priest’s Vestments Turban Gold-Embroidered Blue Under-coat Checkered Garment Body of the High Priest 24
Colors of the Ephod (Exodus 28:5-6) Gold Blue Purple Scarlet (Red) 25
(Mixture of Blue and Red)
Sacrifice: Atzilut Beriah Yetzirah Asiyah 26
World affected
Sacrifice: Human Animal Vegetable Mineral 27
Kingdom rectified
Sacrifice: Priests, Levites, laymen, owners Flock, herd, birds Flour, oil, wine Salt and water 28
Kingdom elevated by
Sacrifice: Divinity Intellect Emotion Action 29
Sacrifice: Divine revelation Divine satisfaction Fragrance Consumption by fire 30
(Lev. 1:9, 1:13, 1:17, 2:9, etc.)
Correlation to Temple Divinity beyond the Temple Holy of Holies Sanctuary Courtyard Outside Courtyard 31
Correlation to five gates of Ezekiel’s Temple First of the two Southern Gates Second of the two Southern Gates Northern Gate Eastern Gate Western Gate 32
Isaiah 43:7 Everyone who is called by My name … for I have created him for My glory … I have formed him … yes, I have made him 33
Ari: From the beginning of “Etz Chaim” “When it arose in His will … to create the universe, to bestow good to His handiwork … that they should recognize his greatness … and be worthy of being a vehicle for the supernal … to cleave to Him.” 34
Ari on Sukkot Myrtle Willow Palm Branch Etrog 35
Four Species
Ari on Sukkot Chesed, Gevura, Netzach, Hod Yesod Malkut 36
Sefirah Tiferet
Ari on Sukkot Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Moses, Aaron Joseph David 37
Seven Shepherds
Ari on Sukkot Eyes Lips Spinal cord Crown of membrum 38
Body Part
Correlation to Cups of Wine at Pesakh Elijah’s Cup First Cup Second Cup Third Cup Fourth Cup 39
Level of Prayer Modeh Ani The Eighteen Blessings (Shemonah Esrai) Blessings of the Shema and the Shema Introductory Psalms Sacrifices (Korbanos) 40
(P’sukei d’Zimra)
Parallel at Human Level Will Mind Thought Word Action 41
Level of Interpretation Chassidus Sod D’Rash Remez P’shat 42
(Torat Mashiach)
Elements of Nature Fire Air Water Earth 43
Forces of Nature Energy Time Space Matter 44
Aleph-Bet Musical Sounds Vowel Points Letters of the Alep-Bet 45
Brain Parallel Skull Cerebrum Cerebellum 46
Bodily Parallel Head Torso Legs Feet 47
Facial Parallel Beyond Description, Above Head Eyes Ears Nose Mouth 48
Human Needs Air Water Food Clothing Shelter 49
Evil Characteristic Anger and Pride Frivolity, Causticity, Boasting, Idle Talk Lust for Pleasure Sloth and Melancholy 50
Characteristic Spirit of G-d Wisdom Understanding Knowledge All manner of workmanship 51
of Betzalel
(Exodus 35:31)
Name of Betzalel See, I have called by name (besheim) Betzalel ben Uri ben Chur Of the tribe of Judah 52
(Exodus 31:2) (Lemateh Yehudah)
Festivals Shemini Atzeret & Chanukah Sukkot Shavuot & Yom Kippur Pesakh & Rosh Hashana Purim 53
Festival Themes The eighth Opening gates, joining of physical and spiritual realms Discernment, differentiation and setting in order Making an opening/hole (for G-d), the hole that runs through the Shofar, renewal The mouth (peh) that speaks 54
Mikra’ei Kodesh Stages of redemption SUKKOT SHAVUOT PESACH 55
Shade, also embodying light and freedom. Light, also embodying freedom. Freedom
The (cloud on the) Mishkan, when the shade of G-d rested upon Israel The Sinai experience, when Israel received the light of Torah The Exodus from Egypt, when Israel became free.
Vessels in the Mishkan Menorah Aron Incense Altar Shulchan 56
(Complete spirituality) (Smell – the joining of body with soul) (Sustenance of the body)
Blessings of the Amidah Ha’el Hakodesh Mechayeh Hameisim Magen Avraham 57
(The Holy G-d) (Who Resurrects the Dead) (Shield of Abraham)
Above the body and soul. Praise relating to Hashem Himself Reconnection of the soul with the body Guarding the body
Women’s Mitzvah Lighting of candles Result of Purity Purity from Niddah Challah 58
Priestly Blessing “And grant you shalom” “May Hashem illuminate” “May Hashem bless you” 59
Heavenly gift on the journey from Egypt to Israel Cloud Well Mannah 60
Leader Moshe Miriam Aharon 61
Patriarch Yaacov Yitzchak Avraham 62
Crowns A good name Torah Priesthood Kingship Kingship 63
Chazal’s three pillars Torah Avodah Good deeds 64
Yaakov’s vow “Hashem will be to me as Elohim” “I return in peace to my father’s house” “A garment to wear” “Bread to Eat” “Bread to Eat” 65
(Gen. 28:20-21)
Sign from G-d Tefillin Brit Shabbat 66
The Three Principles of Faith Torah from Heaven Divine Providence Existence of G-d and His Kingship 67
Sod HeAshan Olam/Time Nefesh/Person Shanah/Environment 68
(Sefer Yetzirah, chapter 3)
Prayer and Patriarch Arvit Minchah Shacharit Tikkun Chatzot 69
Evening Prayer Afternoon Prayer Morning Prayer (David)
(Yaakov) (Yitzchak) (Avraham)
Hallel “Let Israel now say” “Let the house of Aharon now say” “Let those who fear Hashem now say” “Give thanks to Hashem for He is good” 70
(Psalm 118:14)
Number Parallel Thousands Hundreds Tens Units 71
Pirkei Avot Everything is foreseen, Yet, freedom of choice is given, The world is judged with goodness, And everything is according to the preponderance of action. 72
(Rabbi Akiva)
Tu B’shevat Fall Summer Spring Winter 73
Tu B’shevat Seder Cups Red with a drop of white Half white, half red White with a drop of red All white 74
Color of Wine
Tu B’shevat None No shell or pit, the whole is eaten Inedible inner pit Inedible shell 75
Yom Kippur Neilah Mincha Musaf Shacharis Ma’ariv 76
Levels of Prayer (Ba’al HaRatzon)
Spiritual levels of man Yehudi Israel Ivri Ger Nochri-Akum 77
(Rav. Yehuda Ashlag) (Yichud, Union with G-d) (Yashar kEL – straight to God) (Crossing over/Hebrew) (Soujourner) (Egoism/Idolator)
Ari: Unions of Ze’ir Anpin with Nukvah Israel and Rachel Jacob and Rachel Israel and Leah Jacob and Leah from the chest up Jacob and Leah from the chest down 78
Process of Bringing Mashiach Torah of Mashiach Tangible faith in Mashiach Will and prayer to act to bring Mashiach Intellectual understanding of ways to bring Mashiach Seeing the changes in reality 79
(Rav. Y. Ginsburgh)
Process of Bringing Mashiach – Conscious Determination Secrets of Torah Faith Will Intelligence to determine plan of action Open eyes 80
(Rav. Y. Ginsburgh)
Process of Bringing Mashiach – Chashmal Sweetening of internal reality. Chash-1 Chash-2 Mal-1 Mal-2 81
(Rav. Y. Ginsburgh) Inner secrets of Torah. Faith with no idea how to proceed Will without idea how to proceed Plan of action. Sweetening of external reality.
Separation of impediments from positive forces. World peace.
Process of Bringing Mashiach – Havayah Changes in internal reality Faith Will Intellect Actualization 82
(Rav. Y. Ginsburgh) 72-letter name (Av) 63-letter name (Sag) 45-letter name (Mah) 52-letter name (Ban)
Expressions of Redemption I will take you I will redeem you I will deliver you I will bring you out 83
(Exodus 6:6)
Corresponding stages of exile related to Exodus 6:6 mentioned in Genesis 13:15 (Kli Yakar) They shall afflict them They shall serve them in a land that is not theirs Your children shall be a stranger 84
Mystical Physiology Source of existence Inner core of self Inner motivations Normative self-awareness Exterior protection 85
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Mystical Physiology Spirit of life Bones Blood vessels flesh skin 86
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Understanding Illness Anxiety Lovesickness Sickness Mortal danger 87
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Kabbalistic Understanding of Healing Prophetic inspiration Point of wisdom Intellectual grasp Manifestation of emotion, strength and ability Place 88
“Physician’s hand” (2 Kings 3:15) (Psalm 145:16) (Exodus 3:19, 14:8, 14:31) (Deuteronomy 23:13)
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Methods of Helaing Pure spiritual healing Homeopathy Allopathy Osteopathy Naturopathy 89
(Y. Ginsburgh) Applying Torah-inspired methods Applying the laws of similars Fighting disease “head on” Aligning the body Tapping the resources of nature
Diseases related to Respiration and the bone marrow The blood The muscular system The digestive system 90
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Level of Healing Presence of G-d Light of Torah Names of G-d Charms Contemporary medicine 91
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Prayer for Healing Silence. At one with G-d. Neither ascent or descent. Blessing. Above, at spiritual origin of Divine energy. Power of thought. Telepathy between equals. “Horizontal influence.” Prayer of the wise man. Prayer ascends to G-d, while healing power descends. Ascent for the sake of descent. Prayer of the sick person. Below, reaching up. Ascent 92
(Y. Ginsburgh) Descent from on high.
Power of Sight. The eye of Shabbat White of the eye Red of the eye Colors of the Iris (yellow-green) Black pupil 93
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Torah as “preventative medicine” Studying Torah for its own sake heals spontaneously. The Torah’s healing power is primarily spiritual. The Torah descends to heal dangerous physical ailments. The Torah acts as a preventative medicine 94
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Aaron’s staff: Four stages of blossoming Staff Flower Bud Almonds 95
(Y. Ginsburgh) Mateh Perach Tzitz shkedim
Aaron’s staff: Manifestation Seemingly barren essence Pregnancy Manifest potential Actualization 96
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Aaron’s staff: Name of Stage Essence Ability Potential Actuality 97
(Y. Ginsburgh)
Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the Lord your G-d with all your mind (intellect) all your heart (emotion) all your strength (physical means) 98
Connections via Moshe’s instruction Ohr Ein Sof Incense Prayer Offering 99
Yihud of Kriyat Shema Chariot of the Ein Sof YHVH (Adonai) Elohenu YHVH (Adonai) EchaD (with the large Dalet) 100
Form of Exile ( Roman Greek Babylonian Persian 101
(Combination: to the four corners of the world) (Intellectual) (Emotional) (Bodily)
Predominant level of Messiah The Messiah/Yehida Adam/Chaya Moses/Neshamah Elijah/Ruach David/Nefesh 102
Shir Hashirim 1:2-4 Oil/Fragrance Wine/Name Poured/Container Forth Maidens/Fragrance 102
Sulam Yaacov Gen. 28:10-17 G-d Above The Heavens Ladder of Angels Earth 103
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