1. Purpose of Humans in the Matrix (Intro?)

  • How Did They Get There?
  • Genesis Parallel
    • Split of Masculine-Feminine
      • Connection to Left-Right sefirot (See Section 2)
    • Sin of Gan Edan
    • Diminishment of the Feminine

2. Structure and Function of the Levels

  • Tzimtzum in creating the Matrix
  • Characters and their Purpose
    • Connection to left-right sefirot (From Section 1)
  • Barriers to the Humans
    • Fear and Desire
    • Yetzer Hara and Sitra Achra
    • HaSatan and the Nachash
    • Smith and Merovingian
  • Help for the Humans
    • Oracle
  • Clues for the Humans
    • Smith
    • Architect/Analyst
  • Ein Od Milvado (Morpheus quote, a reflection of Chokmah?)

3. Path of the One

The Masculine Dimension

  • Two Stages of the Redemption
  • Tzimtzum on the Path of Return
  • Soul Levels
  • The One as Messiah ben Yosef “Path/Function of the One”

4. The Feminine Dimension

  • Elevation of the Feminine (Rectification of Gan Edan Diminishment)
  • Shir Hashirim Parallel
  • Aspects of the Shekinah
    • Trinity
    • Oracle
    • Sati
    • Bugs
  • Arousal from below (THE Requirement)
    • Path of the One is Made of the Many (Oracle cut scene)
  • 7th Millennium/Messianic Era Parallel
    • Keter-Malchut
  • The post-Matrix ‘new world’
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