As Trinity said to Neo, “It’s the question that drives us.” And the big question this summer is, “When will The Matrix Resurrections trailer come out?

In this case, “the answer is not out there!” And we’re all going crazy waiting! There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of unanswered questions since The Matrix Revolutions left us hanging. Who knows what happened to Neo? And what about that prophecy? Some think it wasn’t true, but is that necessarily the case?

After all, the Oracle told us that no one (“I mean no one!”) can see past the things they don’t understand. And we certainly don’t understand where we are at in this Matrix story!

Or do we? (That’s a hint to check out the Matrix4Humans website for answers!)

What we do know is that the average movie trailer comes out 126 days prior to the public showing of a film. That date, Wednesday, August 18, 2021, has passed. Will Lana Wachowski and Warner Bros go much further than this? Hopefully not as we’ve only been waiting 18 years for the story to resume! We need The Matrix Resurrections trailer to pacify us somewhat!

Another likelihood is that internet traffic is going to see a big spike when the trailer does come out. Will it answer questions or create new ones? Will the fan theories get even weirder? (There have been some crazy ones brought up on sites such as Screenrant and others.)

As we can learn from the Matrix story, patience is a virtue. “The answers are coming,” as Morpheus said to Neo.  In the meantime, you can enhance your Matrix experience by learning the framework that everything is built on in our Matrix 4 Knowledge Base.

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