Studying the connections enhances our understanding of what the book is about and why it is called “The Holy of Holies.”

Yesod, as the emanation between the bride (Malkhut) and groom (Tiferet), is considered ‘whole’ when the bride and groom connect. In kabbalah, Yesod is also called ‘shalom’ which is usually translated as ‘peace,’ but properly means ‘wholeness.’

The attributes of Netzach and Hod are called the “wings of Yesod.” Netzach reflects concepts of initiative and endurance, and Hod those of submission and contemplation. Yesod is the synthesis of their function. All three of these sefirot are a means toward accomplishing things.

His left hand would be under my head, and his right hand would embrace me.

Binah and Chokhmah

However, in the state of exile, she is separated from all, and her connection is through the ‘son’ of Ze’ir Anpin (the six masculine attributes above her that make up the male character in Song of Songs):

When a person experiences fear of God in his heart, it is a sign that in his thought he has entered the King’s gate. This is the attribute called Malkhut. This experience of awe in the presence of God further reinforces the effort to detach oneself from physical pleasures. 
Uniter of Heaven and Earth, Miles Krassen

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